Date Speaker Title
10-Jun-2016 Andrew Wieber #Movement
29-Jan-2016 Tony Ghelan 1970s, Pinky Promise, and Skyscrapers
25-Jul-2014 Chris Robichaud A Beautiful Love Story
20-May-2011 Mark Rogers A Broken Heart
30-Apr-2010 Catherine Logan A Call on Your Life
17-Apr-2015 Patrick Pierre A Calling on Your Life
11-Sep-2009 Unknown A Crippled Generation
17-Jun-2016 Victoria Griffin A Dependent Life
04-Oct-2013 Patrick Pierre A Divine Encounter
22-Nov-2013 Mark LeCompte A Divine Moment
04-Mar-2011 Patrick Pierre A Faith That Inspires
28-Nov-2014 David Othompson A Few More Reasons To Give Thanks
16-Oct-2009 William Carrol A Friend Indeed
29-May-2009 Patrick Pierre A Future After Failure
30-Mar-2018 David Ham A Good Friday Message
14-Dec-2012 Patrick Pierre A Guaranteed Way to be in the Inner Circle of God
16-Nov-2007 Patrick Pierre A Life and Death Situation
24-Aug-2018 Tyler Sain A Life Of Worship That Impacts The World
29-Nov-2013 Nik Godshall A Little Something Extra
24-Jul-2009 Chris Robichaud A Man After God
08-Aug-2014 Nik Godshall A Message From Father
19-Feb-2010 Patrick Pierre A Message of Mercy
24-Aug-2012 Lousvette Munoz A New Life
14-Apr-2017 Tony Ghelan A Prayer for Freedom
25-Jan-2019 Stan Jouk A Savior For The Worst Of Sinners
24-Feb-2012 Daniel Joo A Second Chance
12-Sep-2008 Lisa Camme A Soldier in the Last Days Army
12-Jan-2018 Lisa Richardson A Time To Build
08-Feb-2019 Stan Jouk A Total Game Changer
13-May-2011 Patrick Pierre A Tribute to David Wilkerson
15-Aug-2014 Steve Barret Abide in Him
20-Nov-2015 Chris Robichaud Aiming Higher
27-Apr-2012 Adam Durso All In
10-Apr-2015 Nik Godshall All In and Unashamed
31-Oct-2014 Tony Ghelan An Invitation to Draw Near
19-Jun-2015 William Carrol An Overwhelming Sense of Purpose
08-Dec-2017 Nik Godshall Are You At Peace?
07-Jan-2011 Patrick Pierre Are You Messed Up?
07-May-2010 Patrick Pierre Are You Teachable?
12-Dec-2014 Patrick Pierre Arm Yourself For The Lord's Battle
14-Feb-2014 Patrick Pierre Be His- Relationship Panel Part 1
14-Mar-2014 Patrick Pierre Be His- Relationship Panel Part 2
21-Aug-2015 Lisa Richardson Be Not Deceived
03-Oct-2008 Patrick Pierre Be Steadfast, Unmovable
17-Aug-2012 Patrick Pierre Be Wise the Rest of Your Life
01-Jan-2010 William Carrol Beginning of Days
02-Apr-2010 Patrick Pierre Behold the Lamb of God
28-Dec-2012 Thomas Jones Believe
28-Feb-2014 Daniel Joo Bought with The Blood
14-Nov-2014 Lisa Richardson Breaking Free

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