Date Speaker Title
26-Jul-2019 Todd Crews Friday Night Message
28-Jun-2019 Tony Peralta Friday Night Message
26-Apr-2019 Daniel Joo Give your Handicap To God
19-Apr-2019 David Ham The Clothes Or The Cross
12-Apr-2019 Thomas Jones Ten Victories
08-Mar-2019 Stan Jouk Provision Within The Provision
22-Feb-2019 BJ Neal Holiness
08-Feb-2019 Stan Jouk A Total Game Changer
25-Jan-2019 Stan Jouk A Savior For The Worst Of Sinners
11-Jan-2019 Stan Jouk The Brute Power Of The Gospel
04-Jan-2019 Lisa Richardson Friday Night Message
09-Nov-2018 Kaitlyn Seaborn Testimony and Message On Worship
31-Aug-2018 Patrick Pierre The First Time I Felt The Love Of God
24-Aug-2018 Tyler Sain A Life Of Worship That Impacts The World
10-Aug-2018 Michelle Tong Testimony
29-Jun-2018 David ONeill Spiritual Gifts
25-May-2018 Jovan Ramos Exposed
27-Apr-2018 Tapiwa Madzivanyika Selflessness
30-Mar-2018 David Ham A Good Friday Message
23-Mar-2018 Lisa Richardson Vertical
09-Mar-2018 Tyrone McDonald Faith-Fueled Friendships
09-Feb-2018 Various Godly Friendships
26-Jan-2018 Lisa Richardson Unrighteous Friendships
12-Jan-2018 Lisa Richardson A Time To Build
08-Dec-2017 Nik Godshall Are You At Peace?
10-Nov-2017 Patrick Pierre Dying To Make A Difference
27-Oct-2017 Ajay Kunarasa Who's Got Next
22-Sep-2017 Deshawn Burton What Does It Mean To Be A Disciple?
25-Aug-2017 Andrew Wieber Why Am I Here, Where Am I Going?
11-Aug-2017 Nick Cassidy The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
28-Jul-2017 David Ham Love Jesus, Hate Sin
14-Jul-2017 Lisa Richardson The Power Of The Chainbreaker
23-Jun-2017 Tapiwa Madzivanyika Holding On To The Promise
09-Jun-2017 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
26-May-2017 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
12-May-2017 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
28-Apr-2017 Tim Dilena Check The Label
14-Apr-2017 Tony Ghelan A Prayer for Freedom
24-Mar-2017 Patrick Pierre Perfect Cleansing
03-Mar-2017 Tony Ghelan The Talk: Growth and Connect
24-Feb-2017 Daniel Joo The Grace Of God
17-Feb-2017 Todd Crews It's Just A Test
10-Feb-2017 David Ham I'm Dead Serious
03-Feb-2017 Tony Ghelan God, Use Me
27-Jan-2017 Peter Namawa Choose Who You Will Live For
20-Jan-2017 Tony Ghelan Vision And Growth Series - Part 3
13-Jan-2017 Tony Ghelan Vision and Growth Series - Part 2
06-Jan-2017 Tony Ghelan Vision and Growth Series - Part 1
02-Dec-2016 Carter Conlon The Glory Of a Surrendered Life
18-Nov-2016 Chris Robichaud The Handwriting of Jesus

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