Date Speaker Title
15-May-2022 Dr. O.S. Hawkins Christ and Cultural Chaos
08-May-2022 Tim Dilena From Green Pastures To Dark Valleys
01-May-2022 Tim Dilena When The Thought of God Disturbs Me
24-Apr-2022 Tim Dilena For All Who Fall
17-Apr-2022 Tim Dilena It's Time To Come Home
10-Apr-2022 Carter Conlon City Lepers
03-Apr-2022 Tim Dilena Fighting Quitting
27-Mar-2022 Tim Dilena A Critical Message For The Church In This Crucial Hour
20-Mar-2022 Tim Dilena When You Feel The Whole World Is Against You
13-Mar-2022 Tim Dilena Around The Corner From The Fire
06-Mar-2022 Tim Dilena It Takes Just Three Days To Forget
27-Feb-2022 Tim Dilena The World Changed In One Night
20-Feb-2022 Tim Dilena Open My Eyes
13-Feb-2022 Dr. O.S. Hawkins The Fear Factor
06-Feb-2022 Carter Conlon The Real Jesus Doesn't Burn
30-Jan-2022 Tim Dilena The Fourth Voice
23-Jan-2022 Tim Dilena Digging In Your Heels or Bending Your Knees
16-Jan-2022 Nicky Cruz Where Were You When I Was Hurting
09-Jan-2022 Tim Dilena Until I Die Move The Needle
02-Jan-2022 Tim Dilena An Answer for Your Anxiety and a Cure for Your Care
26-Dec-2021 Claude Houde Table In the Presence Of My Enemies
19-Dec-2021 Tim Dilena Seeing God Clearly When Things Really Stink
12-Dec-2021 Tim Dilena This Is The WORST Time To Talk About This
05-Dec-2021 Tim Dilena How Does Heaven Get Old?
28-Nov-2021 Claude Houde A Call To Spiritual Living
21-Nov-2021 Tim Dilena Stuck On Gratitude
14-Nov-2021 Tim Dilena CSI on the Swinging Man
07-Nov-2021 Tim Dilena 26 Times! His Mercy Endures Forever
31-Oct-2021 Tim Dilena Brass Shields
24-Oct-2021 Tim Dilena From Now On
17-Oct-2021 Tim Dilena Land Lessons
10-Oct-2021 Carter Conlon I Had A Dream
03-Oct-2021 Tim Dilena I Feel So Inadequate For The Future
26-Sep-2021 Tim Dilena The Fastest Way Out Of An Awful Story
19-Sep-2021 Tim Dilena Snakes Come Out After the Storm
12-Sep-2021 Tim Dilena Magicians in the Church
05-Sep-2021 Tim Dilena It's Not What You Have But How You Use It
29-Aug-2021 Tim Dilena Turning Question Marks into Exclamation Points
22-Aug-2021 Tim Dilena Do You Really Want to Know What God Has to Say to You?
15-Aug-2021 R.T. Kendall Try Tears
08-Aug-2021 Tim Dilena A Prayer That Disturbs the Present
01-Aug-2021 Tim Dilena A Middle Age Miracle
25-Jul-2021 Tim Dilena Everywhere. Everyone. Everyday.
18-Jul-2021 Tim Dilena I Have Dirt but I'm Not Dirty
11-Jul-2021 R.T. Kendall Jesus Christ the Same
04-Jul-2021 Tim Dilena Borrowed Songs (for Painful Seasons)
27-Jun-2021 Tim Dilena Diseased Feet
20-Jun-2021 Tim Dilena Moving Forward When Forward Is Not Clear
13-Jun-2021 Tim Dilena Stolen Praise
06-Jun-2021 Tim Dilena Never Cut What You Can Untie

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