Date Speaker Title
21-May-2023 Tim Dilena Names of Jesus: Unveiling the "I Am"
21-May-2023 Pavel Maftey Can a Baby Sin?
14-May-2023 Teresa Conlon The Unseen Power of Motherhood
14-May-2023 Nik Godshall The God Who Listens
07-May-2023 Pavel Maftey Think Again
07-May-2023 Tim Dilena The Nation of Israel and The End Times
30-Apr-2023 Josiah DeRoos Thankfulness: A Spiritual Weapon
30-Apr-2023 Tim Dilena A Forsaken Fellowship
23-Apr-2023 Tim Dilena A Horrible Misunderstanding Has Occurred
23-Apr-2023 Teresa Conlon A Legacy That Lasts
16-Apr-2023 Carter Conlon Get Ready, Jesus Is Calling
16-Apr-2023 Nik Godshall If You Want Love: Grow Up
09-Apr-2023 Tim Dilena Smoke Damage
09-Apr-2023 Pavel Maftey Lets Start From the Beginning
02-Apr-2023 Tim Dilena Acting Like God
02-Apr-2023 Pavel Maftey The All-Knowing God
26-Mar-2023 Pavel Maftey Brick-by-Brick it Falls
26-Mar-2023 Tim Dilena What Happens After I Die?
19-Mar-2023 Tim Dilena Turning Multitudes Into Disciples
19-Mar-2023 Haley Maftey Beware of Hunger Pains
12-Mar-2023 Carter Conlon God Will Move Heaven And Earth To Answer Your Prayer
12-Mar-2023 Pavel Maftey Jesus Stopped
05-Mar-2023 Tim Dilena The Body, The Bride & The Army
05-Mar-2023 Nik Godshall Approaching the Lord's Table
26-Feb-2023 Jay Fallon Stir Up the Gift That's Within You
26-Feb-2023 Tim Dilena If It's Living, Active & Sharp Then Don't Make It Dead, Dull & Blunt
19-Feb-2023 Pavel Maftey A Dropped Generation
19-Feb-2023 Tim Dilena It's Time To Declare Bankruptcy
12-Feb-2023 Pavel Maftey The Mic is Always On!
12-Feb-2023 Tim Dilena Building According To Code
05-Feb-2023 Ross Kibodeaux A Heavenly Perspective on Earthly Problems
05-Feb-2023 Tim Dilena More Than A Book
29-Jan-2023 Nik Godshall Where is the God of Elijah?
29-Jan-2023 Nicky Cruz Opposites Attract
22-Jan-2023 Pavel Maftey When We Pray: Things Happen
22-Jan-2023 Tim Dilena The Story That Started A Prayer Meeting And Shook A House
15-Jan-2023 Nik Godshall Are You Distracted?
15-Jan-2023 Carter Conlon Make My Life A Miracle
08-Jan-2023 Pavel Maftey We Are Commissioned
08-Jan-2023 Tim Dilena The Language Of Hooks And Chains
01-Jan-2023 Tim Dilena And That's Just A Whisper
01-Jan-2023 Pavel Maftey Let Us Be Intentional
25-Dec-2022 Tim Dilena What Child is This?
18-Dec-2022 Tim Dilena One Night Away From The Biggest Blunder In Human History
18-Dec-2022 Pavel Maftey Why Did He Come?
11-Dec-2022 Tim Dilena You Can Face The Future If You "Fix" Your Eyes
11-Dec-2022 Nik Godshall Cheap Talk, Cheap Miracles
04-Dec-2022 Tim Dilena Where Are My Magic Bricks?
04-Dec-2022 Pavel Maftey Our Response to Suffering
27-Nov-2022 Claude Houde They Shall Mount Up, They Shall Run And They Shall Walk

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