Date Speaker Title
12-May-2024 Teresa Conlon Last Days Power: God Is Seeking for You
05-May-2024 Tim Dilena Pleading the Blood of Jesus
28-Apr-2024 Carter Conlon Breaking the Spirit of Sodom
21-Apr-2024 Tim Dilena Praying Till a Breakthrough Comes
21-Apr-2024 Teresa Conlon There is an Army Rising Up
07-Apr-2024 Carter Conlon It's Time for the Lord to Act
07-Apr-2024 Pavel Maftey The Pace of Faith
31-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena Check the Rock
31-Mar-2024 Pavel Maftey Because He Lives
24-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena Bad News, Good News
24-Mar-2024 Jay Fallon How to Overcome What's Coming in the Last Days
17-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena Demon Prayers and Fever Prayers
17-Mar-2024 Nik Godshall Our God Keeps His Promises
10-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena How to Make My Prayer Life a Reality
10-Mar-2024 Pavel Maftey Believing is Better Than Doubting
03-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena How to Fight Lies, Slander, and False Accusations
03-Mar-2024 Rick Hagans Scattered, Covered, and Smothered
25-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena A Prayer for Your Toughest Moment in Life
25-Feb-2024 Russell Korets The Theology of Singing
18-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena If You Want God to Listen to Your Prayer Learn These Three Words
18-Feb-2024 Josiah DeRoos Revelation in Progress
11-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena History Belongs to the Intercessors
11-Feb-2024 Pavel Maftey Forgive Others and Yourself
04-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena The Good Stuff Happens on the Other Side
04-Feb-2024 Nik Godshall Pleasing God
28-Jan-2024 Carter Conlon The Last of the Last Days
28-Jan-2024 Pavel Maftey Guard the Deposit Entrusted to You
21-Jan-2024 Haley Maftey Unexpected Mercy
14-Jan-2024 Nicky Cruz What Do Your Eyes See
07-Jan-2024 Tim Dilena Blessings and Battles All at the Same
07-Jan-2024 Pavel Maftey The Anointing to Wait Tables
31-Dec-2023 Tim Dilena Fight Through Battles and Fight After Victories
31-Dec-2023 Carter Conlon The Power of Being Ordinary
24-Dec-2023 Tim Williams The Cry That Broke 400 Years of Silence
10-Dec-2023 Tim Dilena The Password for Your Miracle
10-Dec-2023 Nik Godshall Why You're Not Changing
03-Dec-2023 Tim Dilena When Your Miracle Needs A Miracle
03-Dec-2023 Pavel Maftey It's Not Enough Just To Know
26-Nov-2023 Tim Dilena How Did We Turn Worship Into Singing?
26-Nov-2023 Josiah DeRoos Your Future Starts Today
19-Nov-2023 Carter Conlon A Penny on Heaven's Sidewalk
19-Nov-2023 Tim Dilena The Prayer That Changes Stress to Strength
12-Nov-2023 Tim Dilena How Can a Nation that had Known God's Blessing Come Under God's Judgement?
12-Nov-2023 Ross Kibodeaux The Enemy Within
05-Nov-2023 Claude Houde Overcoming Through Pressure and Persecution
05-Nov-2023 Pavel Maftey Remember Not to Forget
29-Oct-2023 Tim Dilena How Does the Wisest Man in the World Become the Most Reckless Man?
29-Oct-2023 Pavel Maftey Thanking God for His Provision
22-Oct-2023 Tim Dilena How to Fight Mind Battles
22-Oct-2023 Pavel Maftey The Mercies of Drought

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