The New Covenant

“I have yearned for an understanding of the New Covenant for years, believing it could prove to be the wondrous truth that’s able to deliver a sin-bound church in these Last days of unprecedented corruption. I pursued this truth diligently, reading every book on the subject I could find. But it was all too technical and mysterious.

I wanted to see and experience the power of the New Covenant in my own life. If it’s truly the secret power over the dominion of sin, it had to work in a practical way in my own struggle for purity of heart. I told God that it did not work in my own life, I could never preach it to others; it would be nothing but dead letter. I offered my life and ministry to the Lord as a kind of spiritual laboratory in which to test and prove the truths he was showing me. I can tell you, the unveiling of the New Covenant has been the most life-giving, sin-destroying truth I have ever known and experienced”.

—David Wilkerson

Date Speaker Title
06-Jun-1999 David Wilkerson The Indwelling Power of the Holy Spirit
02-May-1999 David Wilkerson The Cross and the Covenant
25-Apr-1999 David Wilkerson Walking in the Power of the New Covenant
10-Jan-1999 David Wilkerson Handed Over to Death
29-Nov-1998 David Wilkerson The Delivering Power of the New Covenant
08-Nov-1998 David Wilkerson Taking Hold of the New Covenant

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