Date Speaker Title
11-Jan-2009 David Wilkerson By Now You Ought To Be Teachers
16-Jul-2017 Claude Houde By This All Will Know: From Abraham To Antioch
15-Dec-2002 David Wilkerson Call No Man Common or Unclean
27-Feb-2005 David Wilkerson Called To Be Christ-like
29-Jul-2012 Carter Conlon Can God Speak to You?
17-Sep-2017 Carter Conlon Can You Be Reasoned With?
02-Aug-2020 Tim Dilena Can You Be That Far Off?
17-Jun-2007 David Wilkerson Casting Down Unbelief
15-Jun-2008 Carter Conlon Casting Fire Into the Sanctuary
20-Oct-2019 Carter Conlon Celebrating 25 Years
13-Dec-2020 Tim Dilena Changing Singing to Worship This Christmas
10-Nov-2013 Carter Conlon Children of Light In A Fading Society
03-Aug-2003 David Wilkerson Christ and His Harlot Church
31-Aug-2003 David Wilkerson Christ-The Searcher of Mens Hearts
13-Mar-2005 David Wilkerson Christ's Call To Repentance
15-Jun-2003 David Wilkerson Claiming the Power That is in Christ
23-Dec-2012 Carter Conlon Come Home for Christmas - Sunday 10AM
09-May-2021 Tim Dilena Come With Us: Good Things Are Ahead
30-Aug-2009 Carter Conlon Coming Out of the Wilderness with Power
29-Aug-2010 Teresa Conlon Coming To Jericho Means Coming To Maturity
26-Dec-2004 Carter Conlon Completing The Ministry God Has Given You
20-Nov-2016 Teresa Conlon Condemning The Condemner
21-Sep-2003 Carter Conlon Covering the Face of Jesus
11-Dec-2011 Carter Conlon Crossing Jordan at Harvest Time
07-Dec-2014 Carter Conlon Cry Out For The Children
03-Dec-2017 Carter Conlon Daniel Had A Window
02-Apr-2004 Neil Rhodes Dare To Follow Jesus
20-Jan-2013 Carter Conlon Darkness Has Crossed a Line
28-Feb-2010 Carter Conlon Deal with Sin, Christ is Coming
29-Mar-2020 Carter Conlon Dealing With Ourselves in Times of Crisis
12-Sep-2004 Carter Conlon Delivered By The Hand Of A Servant
11-Nov-2012 Carter Conlon Delivering the Lamb from the Mouth of the Enemy
02-Oct-2005 David Wilkerson Demonstration of the Spirit and of Power
07-Mar-2021 Tim Dilena Did the Music Change?
08-Jun-2003 Carter Conlon Discerning the Fellowship of Jesus Christ
29-May-2011 Ben Crandall Discerning The Times
27-Jun-2021 Tim Dilena Diseased Feet
11-Feb-2018 Carter Conlon Do Not Grieve The Holy Spirit
13-Apr-2004 Neil Rhodes Do We Need Grace Today?
04-Dec-2005 David Wilkerson Do You Really Believe in Miracles
22-Aug-2021 Tim Dilena Do You Really Want to Know What God Has to Say to You?
03-Sep-2017 Carter Conlon Does Your Jesus Shine in the Dark?
17-Nov-2013 William Carrol Don't Be Afraid
03-Oct-2004 Neil Rhodes Don't Cry When Your Religion Dies
02-Oct-2011 Carter Conlon Don't Despise the Day of Small Endings
16-Nov-2014 Carter Conlon Don't Draw Back
10-Dec-2017 Tim Dilena Don't Forget Your Thank You Note
29-Dec-2002 David Wilkerson Don't Lose Your Song
18-Aug-2019 William Carrol Don't Pass Over The Passover
20-Dec-2020 Tim Dilena Don't Stop at the Star (You Have to Go a Little Further)

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