Date Speaker Title
16-Sep-2001 Carter Conlon Run For Your Life
07-Oct-2001 David Wilkerson Touch Not Mine Anointed
08-Sep-2002 Carter Conlon The Joy of Releasing God's Forgiveness
15-Sep-2002 David Wilkerson A Call to Anguish
22-Sep-2002 Carter Conlon The Boundary Around God's Mountain
03-Nov-2002 Carter Conlon First Commandment With a Promise
10-Nov-2002 David Wilkerson The Spoils of Spiritual Warfare
01-Dec-2002 Carter Conlon The Devil's Nightmare
05-Jan-2003 Carter Conlon Don't Be Dismayed, God Will Not Fail You
02-Feb-2003 Carter Conlon Gold Tried in the Fire
30-Mar-2003 Carter Conlon Caesar or God
27-Apr-2003 Carter Conlon The Snare of the Satisfied
01-Jun-2003 Carter Conlon The Open Hand of God
08-Jun-2003 David Wilkerson Who Shall Prolong His Days?
15-Jun-2003 Carter Conlon Raising The Dead
13-Jul-2003 Carter Conlon The Heaven Side of Unyielding Prayer
09-Nov-2003 David Wilkerson A Way Known Only To God
23-Nov-2003 Carter Conlon Passing Over The Smitten Waters
25-Jan-2004 Neil Rhodes The Devil Does Not Roll Over And Play Dead
01-Feb-2004 Neil Rhodes It's Time To Answer The Call
08-Feb-2004 Teresa Conlon Is God Calling You To Be A Deliverer
29-Feb-2004 Neil Rhodes Don't Break My Heart
14-Mar-2004 Carter Conlon Excluded From The Land Of Promise
21-Mar-2004 Neil Rhodes The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
11-Apr-2004 Carter Conlon The Last Letter Of Paul
02-May-2004 Neil Rhodes Why Doesn't My Christianity Work At Home
09-May-2004 David Wilkerson A Greater Than Solomon Is Here
13-Jun-2004 Teresa Conlon When You Draw Hell's Attack
20-Jun-2004 Carter Conlon Only One Church Testifies To Christ's Power
04-Jul-2004 Neil Rhodes When Your Life Becomes The Message
11-Jul-2004 Neil Rhodes Getting Rid Of Old Acquaintances
18-Jul-2004 Carter Conlon A Half Acre That Makes Hell Tremble
25-Jul-2004 David Wilkerson The Coming Of The Lord
15-Aug-2004 Neil Rhodes Putting The Brakes On Backsliding
22-Aug-2004 Neil Rhodes When Good People Go Bad
05-Sep-2004 Neil Rhodes Grieve Not The Holy Spirit Of Promise
19-Sep-2004 Neil Rhodes Are You A Person God Can Use?
26-Sep-2004 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Satan's Sudden Attacks
10-Oct-2004 Teresa Conlon Second Chance Miracles
17-Oct-2004 Neil Rhodes God Knows You, But Do You Know Him?
07-Nov-2004 Carter Conlon A Heap Of Frogs And A Stinking Land
28-Nov-2004 David Wilkerson God Has Not Forgotten You
02-Jan-2005 Carter Conlon A Few Sheep And A White Stone
09-Jan-2005 Neil Rhodes Freedom From Religious Prejudice
16-Jan-2005 Neil Rhodes Something Christ Can Not Say
23-Jan-2005 Neil Rhodes Christ's Manifest Presence In Your Life
13-Feb-2005 Teresa Conlon Crushing The Head Of The Devil
27-Feb-2005 Teresa Conlon When Satan Fell From Heaven
06-Mar-2005 Neil Rhodes Does God See Any Of His Likeness In You?
13-Mar-2005 Neil Rhodes Healing From Continued Failure

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