Josiah DeRoos

Date Speaker Title
03-Jul-2022 Josiah DeRoos The Battle of the Mundane
29-May-2022 Josiah DeRoos Calling is About Obedience, Not Identity
13-Mar-2022 Josiah DeRoos Grace for Today
23-Jan-2022 Josiah DeRoos Unlikely People & Places
02-Jan-2022 Josiah DeRoos What Are You Afraid To Hope For
21-Nov-2021 Josiah DeRoos When Freedom Doesn't Feel Free
24-Oct-2021 Josiah DeRoos Deliverance Through Discipline
19-Sep-2021 Josiah DeRoos Help, I'm Angry At God
29-Aug-2021 Josiah DeRoos Demons And Drunkards
11-Jul-2021 Josiah DeRoos Transformed
04-Jul-2021 Josiah DeRoos Have You Ever Felt Like A Prisoner To Your Season
20-Jun-2021 Josiah DeRoos Blessings To Be Welcomed, Not Battles To Be Won
22-Nov-2020 Josiah DeRoos Why A Promise Is Better Than An Answer
18-Oct-2020 Josiah DeRoos Seize The Opportunity
13-Sep-2020 Josiah DeRoos True Love And Loving Truth
19-Jul-2020 Josiah DeRoos Remember...You're A Christian
19-Jan-2020 Josiah DeRoos Saints Pursuing Holiness
08-Dec-2019 Josiah DeRoos The Plot Twist
24-Nov-2019 Josiah DeRoos The Reach Series: Part 2
15-Sep-2019 Josiah DeRoos What's Distracting You?
21-Jul-2019 Josiah DeRoos What's Distracting You?
14-Jul-2019 Josiah DeRoos Elevated Thinking
09-Jun-2019 Josiah DeRoos Elevated Thinking
05-May-2019 Josiah DeRoos Are You Available?
14-Apr-2019 Josiah DeRoos How Do I Grow In Trusting God?
10-Mar-2019 Josiah DeRoos Navigating the Gray Areas
06-Jan-2019 Josiah DeRoos Killing the Could’ves and Should’ves
25-Nov-2018 Josiah DeRoos Navigating the Gray Areas
05-Aug-2018 Josiah DeRoos Pursuit of Peace
15-Jul-2018 Josiah DeRoos In The Shoes of a Leper
27-May-2018 Josiah DeRoos Living Limitless
13-May-2018 Josiah DeRoos The Greatest Lesson
28-Jan-2018 Josiah DeRoos Going From: “Has God Said?” to “God Has Said.”
17-Dec-2017 Josiah DeRoos What Christmas is all About

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