Date Speaker Title
28-Apr-2017 Tim Dilena Check The Label
26-Mar-2017 Tim Dilena Where Are The Magic Bricks?
29-Jan-2017 Tim Dilena What's In Between Ask And Receive
23-Oct-2016 Tim Dilena Bad News, Good News
07-Oct-2016 Tim Dilena Don't Sign The Check Too Quick
28-Aug-2016 Tim Dilena The Stuff We Don't Know About
26-Aug-2016 Tim Dilena Jonah Has Too Many Chapters
12-Jun-2016 Tim Dilena When The Holy Spirit Comes
28-Feb-2016 Tim Dilena Red Is Still Tough
02-Oct-2015 Tim Dilena Help Me, I'm Drowning
21-Nov-2014 Tim Dilena Third Level Communication
30-May-2014 Tim Dilena Sermon
13-Dec-2013 Tim Dilena Turn Your Bible Into A Weapon
03-Dec-2013 Tim Dilena Lord, Why Are You Taking So Long?
08-Mar-2013 Tim Dilena How a Bartender Becomes a Hero
08-Jun-2012 Tim Dilena What's a Real Christian?
09-Mar-2012 Tim Dilena He is the King and He Can Do Whatever He Wants to Do
25-Feb-2011 Tim Dilena The Biography Of The Almighty
27-Aug-2010 Tim Dilena Finding the Incredible People of God - Part 2
27-Aug-2010 Tim Dilena Finding the Incredible People of God - Part 1

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