Date Speaker Title
30-Oct-2016 David Ham The Triumphant Cross
01-Feb-2015 Victoria Griffin The Two Girls from Moab
22-Nov-2015 Victoria Griffin The Ultimate Decision
01-Jun-2014 David Ham The View From The Cross
16-Aug-2015 Karla Ochoa The Way That Jesus Sees You
26-Apr-2009 William Carrol The Weakness of God
29-Apr-2018 David Ham The Weapon of Worship
18-Dec-2016 David Ham The Wise Thing To Do
19-Oct-2014 David Ham The Writing On The Wood
29-May-2016 Victoria Griffin The Year Of Release
07-Jun-2015 Derik Griffin There is a Stirring
08-Feb-2009 Neil Rhodes There is Hope and Mercy for You
06-Sep-2015 Derik Griffin There's a Party Over Here
09-May-2010 Carter Conlon There's a Voice in Your Storm
26-May-2013 David Ham There's Life In You
13-Mar-2011 Carter Conlon Time is Short
12-Apr-2015 Victoria Griffin Time To Believe
14-Sep-2014 Karla Ochoa Tonight, Jesus Is Passing By
20-Jul-2014 Michael St. Gerard True North
03-Jun-2018 Michael Fratt True Wisdom
24-Jan-2017 David Ham Trust Jesus
28-Dec-2014 David ONeill Two Brothers, One Invitation
09-Dec-2012 William Carrol Unexpected Evangelism
09-Sep-2018 David Ham Victory In Faith
03-Apr-2016 David Ham Wake Up Sleeper!
17-Sep-2017 David Ham Walk, Leap & Praise
10-Mar-2019 David Ham Washed Clean or Walk Away
24-Mar-2019 David Ham What A Powerful Name It Is
18-Dec-2011 Carter Conlon What Am I Doing Here?
21-Apr-2013 Carter Conlon What Am I Looking At?
10-Jun-2012 Carter Conlon What Could Ruin the Day of My Death?
03-Jun-2012 William Carrol What Did You Expect?
03-Oct-2010 Carter Conlon What is the Gospel?
30-Sep-2018 Derik Griffin What Must I Do
30-May-2010 Teresa Conlon What Side of the Family Do You Favor?
07-Nov-2010 Carter Conlon What Will You Do When Your Call Comes?
17-Apr-2011 Teresa Conlon What's the Hardest Thing You've Had to Do in Your Life?
14-Jan-2018 David Ham What's Your Covering?
14-Dec-2008 Teresa Conlon When God Bends
30-Jun-2013 Jukka Kakriainen When God Stops
07-Aug-2011 Patrick Pierre When God Stops Death in Its Tracks
18-Jan-2015 Karla Ochoa When Jesus Is Silent
18-Oct-2009 William Carrol When Men Look like God
13-Jul-2014 Karla Ochoa When Tears Become Our Prayer
01-Sep-2013 David Ham When the Cross Changes the Agenda
04-Dec-2011 Patrick Pierre When The Impossible Becomes Possible
03-Nov-2013 David Ham When the Light Goes On in the Midnight Hour
11-Jan-2009 Ben Crandall When the Prodigal Came Home
17-Nov-2013 David Ham When the Soul Cry Gets Loud
02-Mar-2014 Carter Conlon When Will Jesus Come to Me?

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