Date Speaker Title
20-Nov-2011 Patrick Pierre The God Who Makes House Calls
22-Jul-2012 Patrick Pierre The Good News
23-Aug-2015 David Ham The Good Portion
10-Apr-2016 Victoria Griffin The Good Shepherd
17-Jul-2011 Carter Conlon The Goodness of God in the Land of the Living
05-Feb-2012 Carter Conlon The Gospel as it was Preached on the Day of Pentecost
01-Jun-2008 Claude Houde The Greatest Invitation
16-Nov-2014 David Ham The Greatest Of All Time
17-Dec-2017 David Ham The Greatest Treasure There Is
26-Jan-2014 Karla Ochoa The Healing Of The Lame Man
14-Aug-2011 Carter Conlon The Heart of the Gospel is Mercy
19-Jun-2016 David Ham The Heavenly Father Comforts The Fatherless
11-Aug-2013 David Ham The Identity Change
20-Aug-2017 David Ham The Impact of His Power
05-Aug-2018 David Ham The Invites Went Out
06-Nov-2011 William Carrol The Joy of Following Jesus
06-Jun-2010 Carter Conlon The Law of the Leper
04-Sep-2011 Carter Conlon The Leper
25-Mar-2012 Carter Conlon The Light of Love
13-Jun-2010 Carter Conlon The Lord Gives Grace to the Humble
15-Jun-2014 David Ham The Lord Will Provide
01-Jul-2012 William Carrol The Lost Coin
26-Sep-2010 William Carrol The Lost Sheep
05-Aug-2012 William Carrol The Lost Sheep
02-Sep-2012 William Carrol The Lost Son
28-Feb-2016 David Ham The Love That Lasts
05-May-2013 William Carrol The Ministry of Vulnerability
17-Oct-2010 Patrick Pierre The Most Important Call
10-Jan-2010 David Wilkerson The Need in You and How to Meet It
13-Sep-2015 David Ham The Only Way Out
20-Jun-2010 Teresa Conlon The Painting
27-Oct-2013 William Carrol The Pearl of Great Price
30-Dec-2012 William Carrol The Perspectives on the Cross
06-Feb-2011 Carter Conlon The Poor Man at the Rich Man's Gate
15-Jan-2017 David Ham The Power Of A Victory Song
23-Apr-2017 David Ham The Power Of The Blood
28-Aug-2016 Lisa Camme The Power of the Blood of Jesus
10-Feb-2019 David Ham The Power Went Out
11-Sep-2011 Carter Conlon The Present Reality of God
08-Aug-2010 William Carrol The Prodigal Dad
10-Oct-2010 Teresa Conlon The Race
11-Jan-2015 Derik Griffin The Right Hand
29-Dec-2019 David Ham The Right Side
25-May-2014 William Carrol The Road To Recovery
31-Jan-2016 Victoria Griffin The Saul Company
10-Sep-2017 David Ham The Saviour Of My Soul
05-Jan-2014 David Ham The Settlement Plan Is Jesus
15-May-2011 William Carrol The Sign of Jonah
13-Nov-2011 Carter Conlon The Soldier
03-Sep-2017 Michael Fratt The Spiritual Aspect Of Our Need

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