TSC Summit

Date Speaker Title
18-Dec-2022 Pavel Maftey Why Did He Come?
14-Dec-2022 Carter Conlon Bringing Christ into Christmas
11-Dec-2022 Nik Godshall Cheap Talk, Cheap Miracles
07-Dec-2022 Nik Godshall God Will Silence Your Enemy
04-Dec-2022 Pavel Maftey Our Response to Suffering
27-Nov-2022 Nik Godshall The Help of the Spirit
20-Nov-2022 Pavel Maftey The Red Wave We Really Need
16-Nov-2022 Carter Conlon A Midnight Cry That God Answers
09-Nov-2022 Carter Conlon Does Jesus Want To Raise Me?
06-Nov-2022 Josiah DeRoos Overabundant Grace
02-Nov-2022 Dan Sheard The Power of a Whisper
26-Oct-2022 Carter Conlon Is Jesus Groaning Over You?
23-Oct-2022 Mike Craig Breaking Through What Prevents You
19-Oct-2022 Ross Kibodeaux Who Would Have Expected This?
16-Oct-2022 Pavel Maftey Let Us Be Faithful
12-Oct-2022 Teresa Conlon Listen To This Incredible Testimony
09-Oct-2022 Nik Godshall When God's Not Fair
05-Oct-2022 Nik Godshall God's Guarantee
02-Oct-2022 Pavel Maftey Peace That Passes Understanding
28-Sep-2022 Ross Kibodeaux Losing Your Crutches
25-Sep-2022 Josiah DeRoos Living in Trust
21-Sep-2022 Ross Kibodeaux When God Objects
18-Sep-2022 Angelo Pierri God is Forward
14-Sep-2022 Nik Godshall Jesus Is Coming
11-Sep-2022 Pavel Maftey Do Not Worry
07-Sep-2022 Ross Kibodeaux Talking To Yourself
04-Sep-2022 Pavel Maftey It's Time for Demolition
31-Aug-2022 Dan Sheard Receiving a New Language
28-Aug-2022 Pavel Maftey We Are Part of a Bigger Picture
24-Aug-2022 Pavel Maftey What Is Deliverance?
21-Aug-2022 Pavel Maftey History Repeats Itself
17-Aug-2022 Serg Landik Holding Onto God
10-Aug-2022 Nik Godshall Why Does It Have To Hurt So Much?
07-Aug-2022 David ONeill Cross-eyed Vision
03-Aug-2022 Carter Conlon Worldwide Prayer: The Promise
27-Jul-2022 Carter Conlon As The Ship Sinks, Tell Me What To Do!
24-Jul-2022 Carter Conlon How to Deal With Discouragement
20-Jul-2022 Carter Conlon Perversion At The Schoolhouse Door
17-Jul-2022 James Archuleta Becoming Small
13-Jul-2022 Patrick Pierre Always Pray and Never Give Up
10-Jul-2022 Kate Hughes The Lions Are Chained
06-Jul-2022 Carter Conlon Freedom Fights Back
03-Jul-2022 Josiah DeRoos The Battle of the Mundane
29-Jun-2022 Dan Sheard What God Can Do With A Bully
26-Jun-2022 Haley Maftey Finding Strength in Strengthless Places
22-Jun-2022 Pavel Maftey Who Is Jesus?
19-Jun-2022 Nik Godshall Fatherhood: A Call to Holiness
15-Jun-2022 Ross Kibodeaux And Then The Wind Blew
12-Jun-2022 Pavel Maftey Overcoming Temptation
08-Jun-2022 Nik Godshall Another Side Of Holiness

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