Date Speaker Title
24-Jan-2023 Tim Dilena Worshipping With Chains
22-Jan-2023 Tim Dilena The Kind Of Church Your City Needs
08-Mar-2020 Michael Fratt Peace
09-Feb-2020 Tyler Sain One Experience with Jesus Changes Everything
26-Jan-2020 Doc Golden It's Time to Overcome
19-Jan-2020 David Ham Help My Unbelief
12-Jan-2020 David Ham Let The People Say Amen!
05-Jan-2020 Michael Fratt Eyes Wide Open
29-Dec-2019 David Ham The Right Side
22-Dec-2019 David Ham Evangelistic Message
15-Dec-2019 David Ham Let It Be
08-Dec-2019 Michael Fratt Bittersweet
01-Dec-2019 Patrick Pierre From Stressed to Rest
24-Nov-2019 Michael Fratt Rest
03-Nov-2019 Michael Fratt Captivated By The Weeds
27-Oct-2019 David Ham The Anointed Ones
20-Oct-2019 David Ham The Freedom Of Confession
13-Oct-2019 David Ham Evangelistic Message
15-Sep-2019 David Ham All Things New
08-Sep-2019 Michael Fratt Managing Expectations
14-Jul-2019 David Ham The Gift of Mercy
30-Jun-2019 Michael Fratt Where Are You?
23-Jun-2019 David Ham Set Free And Delivered
09-Jun-2019 David Ham Take Back What's Yours
26-May-2019 David Ham A Reputation of Faith
19-May-2019 David Ham No Strange god
05-May-2019 David Ham No More Stargazing, We're Going!
31-Mar-2019 David Ham Hope For Tomorrow
24-Mar-2019 David Ham What A Powerful Name It Is
17-Mar-2019 David Ham Chase The Prize
10-Mar-2019 David Ham Washed Clean or Walk Away
24-Feb-2019 David Ham God Is, and God Will
27-Jan-2019 David Ham Joy In My Soul
13-Jan-2019 David Ham Who Do You Worship?
06-Jan-2019 David Ham A New Year's Revelation
30-Dec-2018 Michael Fratt Can You? Will You?
16-Dec-2018 David Ham Living The Dream
09-Dec-2018 David Ham A Reason To Shout!
02-Dec-2018 David Ham Called By God
18-Nov-2018 Michael Fratt Exposing Shame
04-Nov-2018 David Ham Leah's Love Story
28-Oct-2018 Tony Peralta Evangelistic Message
21-Oct-2018 David Ham Rise Of The Giants Killers
07-Oct-2018 Maria Durso From Your Head to Your Heart
30-Sep-2018 Derik Griffin What Must I Do
09-Sep-2018 David Ham Victory In Faith
02-Sep-2018 Michael Fratt Take A Break
26-Aug-2018 David Ham No More Magic Tricks
19-Aug-2018 David Ham Give Me The Crumbs
12-Aug-2018 David Ham You Wanna Fight? Lets Go!

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