Date Speaker Title
06-Oct-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 14
01-Oct-2006 Carter Conlon The Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living
01-Oct-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Intimidation in the Workplace
01-Oct-2006 B. H. Clendennen The Dreamer
22-Sep-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 13
21-Sep-2006 William Carrol The Cost of Communion - Standing Together Fast: Day 3
20-Sep-2006 Patrick Pierre The One They Are Looking For is Jesus - Standing Together Fast: Day 2
19-Sep-2006 David Wilkerson The Call of God - Standing Together Fast: Day 1
17-Sep-2006 David Wilkerson Praying in the Closet
17-Sep-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming the Power of Sin
15-Sep-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 12
10-Sep-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Backsliding
10-Sep-2006 William Carrol The Communion of the Holy Spirit
08-Sep-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 11
05-Sep-2006 Teresa Conlon You Have to Know You're Saved
03-Sep-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming the Inability to Listen
03-Sep-2006 Noline Rhodes Responding to the Call of God
01-Sep-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 10
29-Aug-2006 William Carrol Why I Am a Christian
27-Aug-2006 David Wilkerson The River is Rising
27-Aug-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Gender Confusion
20-Aug-2006 David Wilkerson The Great and Final Apostasy
20-Aug-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming the Crippling Power of Rejection
13-Aug-2006 David Wilkerson The Wrath of Satan Shall Praise God
11-Aug-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt.9
08-Aug-2006 Noline Rhodes Overcoming the Fear of Submission
06-Aug-2006 David Wilkerson Heaven
06-Aug-2006 Neil Rhodes Jesus the Friend of Sinners
06-Aug-2006 Patrick Pierre The Power of Sin is Broken
04-Aug-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 8
30-Jul-2006 Carter Conlon A Source of Joy that Can Not Be Overcome
30-Jul-2006 William Carrol The Unusual Nature of the Father's Business
30-Jul-2006 Neil Rhodes The Incredible Exodus
25-Jul-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Frustration
23-Jul-2006 David Wilkerson His Eye is On the Sparrow
23-Jul-2006 William Carrol The Lord is My Strength
23-Jul-2006 Carter Conlon When Even Prayer Seems Impossible
21-Jul-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 7
18-Jul-2006 William Carrol The Homecoming
16-Jul-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming the Desire to Give Up
16-Jul-2006 Carter Conlon The Unrelenting Humility of God
14-Jul-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 6
11-Jul-2006 Patrick Pierre You Shall Be Strengthened in Your Faith
09-Jul-2006 Carter Conlon The Things Which Must Be Hereafter
09-Jul-2006 Neil & Noline Rhodes Overcoming Disappointment
07-Jul-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 5
04-Jul-2006 Noline Rhodes They That Know Their God Shall be Strong
02-Jul-2006 David Wilkerson Forgive me Lord for Making You Cry
02-Jul-2006 Patrick Pierre You Are Clean
02-Jul-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Doubts That Family Members Will be Saved

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