Date Speaker Title
12-Jan-2007 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 22
09-Jan-2007 Teresa Conlon A Deadly Combination
07-Jan-2007 William Carrol The Right Side of the Promise
07-Jan-2007 Neil Rhodes Living in the Neighborhood Where Jesus Dwelt
02-Jan-2007 Noline Rhodes The Sand That Slips Through Your Hand
31-Dec-2006 Carter Conlon Oil Beaten for the Light
31-Dec-2006 Neil Rhodes The Danger of Not Going Foward with God
31-Dec-2006 Teresa Conlon Arguing with God
29-Dec-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 21
17-Dec-2006 Carter Conlon When Religion Wants to Be Worshipped
17-Dec-2006 Patrick Pierre We Do Know
17-Dec-2006 William Carrol When Parents Prophesy
15-Dec-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 20
10-Dec-2006 Carter Conlon Believing the Whispers of God
10-Dec-2006 Neil Rhodes Are You a Tree Hugger
10-Dec-2006 William Carrol Lions Den Evangelism
08-Dec-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt.19
03-Dec-2006 Carter Conlon The Gospel of the Grace of God
03-Dec-2006 Teresa Conlon Praying with Gratitude
01-Dec-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt.18
28-Nov-2006 William Carrol Hope Has Not Passed You By
26-Nov-2006 David Wilkerson Whatever Happened to Repentance Preaching
26-Nov-2006 Teresa Conlon Spiritual Power means Humility of Heart
26-Nov-2006 Carter Conlon Pride's Religion
24-Nov-2006 William Carrol In Everything Give Thanks
19-Nov-2006 Carter Conlon When the Glory of God Passes By
19-Nov-2006 Neil Rhodes Dangerous Prayers
12-Nov-2006 David Wilkerson When God Sets His Heart On You
10-Nov-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 17
07-Nov-2006 Carter Conlon The Joy of Preaching Your Own Funeral
05-Nov-2006 William Carrol A Tale of Two Sinners
05-Nov-2006 Teresa Conlon Greatness is Born in a Cave
03-Nov-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 16
29-Oct-2006 Neil Rhodes The Curse of the Fifty Percenter
29-Oct-2006 William Carrol There Shall Be Peace in the House of the Lord
24-Oct-2006 Noline Rhodes The Desire for an Upright Heart
22-Oct-2006 Teresa Conlon A Mighty Move of God in the Most Difficult of Places
20-Oct-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 15
17-Oct-2006 Patrick Pierre Christ in You
08-Oct-2006 Carter Conlon Forfeiting the Burying Place of Kings
08-Oct-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming the Reluctance to Ask for Help
06-Oct-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 14
01-Oct-2006 Carter Conlon The Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living
01-Oct-2006 Neil Rhodes Overcoming Intimidation in the Workplace
01-Oct-2006 B. H. Clendennen The Dreamer
22-Sep-2006 William Carrol John Chapter 1: Pt. 13
21-Sep-2006 William Carrol The Cost of Communion - Standing Together Fast: Day 3
20-Sep-2006 Patrick Pierre The One They Are Looking For is Jesus - Standing Together Fast: Day 2
19-Sep-2006 David Wilkerson The Call of God - Standing Together Fast: Day 1
17-Sep-2006 David Wilkerson Praying in the Closet

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