Date Speaker Title
12-Aug-2008 Ben Crandall Always Pray; Never, Never, Never Give Up
10-Aug-2008 Neil Rhodes Taking up the Robe of Unity
10-Aug-2008 William Carrol Surprised by the Spirit
08-Aug-2008 William Carrol The God of the Mountains and of the Valleys
03-Aug-2008 David Wilkerson Getting Ready for the End of All Things
03-Aug-2008 Neil Rhodes The Journey From Unbelief to Faith
03-Aug-2008 Claude Houde The Friend at Midnight
01-Aug-2008 William Carrol Moses, the Man of God
27-Jul-2008 David Wilkerson A Fresh Baptism of the Holy Spirit
25-Jul-2008 William Carrol Saved to the Uttermost
20-Jul-2008 David Wilkerson The Ever Increasing Demands of Faith
20-Jul-2008 Neil Rhodes Deliverance in Difficult Times
20-Jul-2008 William Carrol Crossroad
18-Jul-2008 William Carrol What's in a Name
13-Jul-2008 Carter Conlon The Supernatural Hand of Mercy
13-Jul-2008 Neil Rhodes Dwelling Among the Tombs
13-Jul-2008 William Carrol Faith That Heals
11-Jul-2008 Derik Griffin There is a Lad Here
08-Jul-2008 Ben Crandall Jesus' Last Monday and Tuesday
06-Jul-2008 Carter Conlon Knowing the Mind of Christ
06-Jul-2008 Carter Conlon Fly Away
06-Jul-2008 Teresa Conlon The Year of Jubilee
04-Jul-2008 Patrick Pierre Jesus is the Master of Life
29-Jun-2008 David Wilkerson The High Cost of Mercy
29-Jun-2008 Neil Rhodes Stop Living in Defeat
27-Jun-2008 William Carrol The Pearl of Great Price
27-Jun-2008 Fernando Cabrera The Proof is in the Fruit
22-Jun-2008 Carter Conlon The Most Difficult Journey of All
22-Jun-2008 Neil Rhodes Flying into the Face of the Storm
20-Jun-2008 David ONeill Victory Over the Enemy's Snare
20-Jun-2008 William Carrol But We See Jesus
17-Jun-2008 Gary Wilkerson Renouncing Shame, Receiving Glory
15-Jun-2008 Carter Conlon Casting Fire Into the Sanctuary
15-Jun-2008 Gary Wilkerson Speaking a Better Word
15-Jun-2008 Patrick Pierre Who Touched Me?
13-Jun-2008 William Carrol Jesus, the One and Only
10-Jun-2008 Ben Crandall Two Days with Jesus
08-Jun-2008 Carter Conlon The Corinthian Problem Pt. 12: The Broken Body of Christ
08-Jun-2008 Teresa Conlon Taking the Fight to the Enemy's Gate
08-Jun-2008 Mark Rogers Who Are You?
06-Jun-2008 Patrick Pierre We Are God's Masterpiece
06-Jun-2008 William Carrol The Name Above All Names
03-Jun-2008 Neil Rhodes Walking with the Champion
01-Jun-2008 Carter Conlon The Corinthian Problem Pt. 11: Judging Angels
01-Jun-2008 William Carrol The Son of Man
01-Jun-2008 Claude Houde The Greatest Invitation
01-Jun-2008 Teresa Conlon Radiant Ministry: Limerick (2008) - Session 4 - Prophetic Mercy
01-Jun-2008 William Carrol The Son of Man
31-May-2008 Teresa Conlon Radiant Ministry: Limerick (2008) - Session 2 - The Change You Are Looking For
31-May-2008 Teresa Conlon Radiant Ministry: Limerick (2008) - Session 3 - A Woman of an Excellent Spirit

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