Date Speaker Title
20-Aug-2017 David Ham The Impact of His Power
20-Aug-2017 Nik Godshall A Time to Fight
13-Aug-2017 Nick Cassidy Fire At Will
13-Aug-2017 William Carrol How Mercy Strengthens Grace
13-Aug-2017 Ryan Seaborn New Covenant Abiding Joy
11-Aug-2017 Nick Cassidy The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
08-Aug-2017 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
06-Aug-2017 Gary Ham Behold The Man
06-Aug-2017 Nik Godshall Why All The Rules
06-Aug-2017 David Ham A Messy Situation
01-Aug-2017 Patrick Pierre Belief In Jesus Produces Life
30-Jul-2017 Tim Dilena God Has An Attitude
30-Jul-2017 William Carrol The Work of The Spirit In Spiritual Warfare PT. 5
30-Jul-2017 Nik Godshall The Promise of Rest
28-Jul-2017 David Ham Love Jesus, Hate Sin
25-Jul-2017 David Othompson Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
23-Jul-2017 Tim Dilena It's That Simple
23-Jul-2017 Tim Williams Victorious Prayer
23-Jul-2017 Nik Godshall The Fight For Our Faith
18-Jul-2017 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
16-Jul-2017 Claude Houde By This All Will Know: From Abraham To Antioch
16-Jul-2017 Jerry Hampton God's Value System
16-Jul-2017 David Ham Go God's Way
16-Jul-2017 Pavel Maftey You Belong Inside
14-Jul-2017 Lisa Richardson The Power Of The Chainbreaker
11-Jul-2017 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
09-Jul-2017 David Ham Forward In Faith
09-Jul-2017 David ONeill A Five-Point Faith Inspection
09-Jul-2017 David Ham Evangelistic Message
09-Jul-2017 Ryan Seaborn Open Your Mouth Again in Prayer
02-Jul-2017 Carter Conlon A Thief In a Parking Lot
02-Jul-2017 William Carrol The Work of The Spirit In Spiritual Warfare Pt. 4
27-Jun-2017 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
25-Jun-2017 William Carrol The Problem With Paradise
25-Jun-2017 Jerry Hampton God's Value System
25-Jun-2017 David Ham Evangelistic Message
23-Jun-2017 Tapiwa Madzivanyika Holding On To The Promise
20-Jun-2017 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
18-Jun-2017 Carter Conlon Push Back the Darkness
18-Jun-2017 Patrick Pierre God's Gotcha
18-Jun-2017 David Ham Come Home
18-Jun-2017 Nik Godshall God’s Response to the Rage of Men
11-Jun-2017 Gary Wilkerson Hating Religion, Loving Jesus
11-Jun-2017 William Carrol The Work Of The Spirit In Spiritual Warfare Pt. 3
11-Jun-2017 David Ham Evangelistic Message
11-Jun-2017 Pavel Maftey He Knows You by Name
09-Jun-2017 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
09-Jun-2017 Gary Wilkerson Resurrection Life
09-Jun-2017 Carter Conlon Prayer
08-Jun-2017 Nick Cassidy New Covenant Pt. 1

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