Date Speaker Title
15-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Joy of Evangelism
08-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Makings of a Friend of God
01-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Battlefield of the Mind
24-Nov-2013 William Carrol Victory in Egypt
17-Nov-2013 Lamar Vest Fight for the Faith
03-Nov-2013 Jerry Hampton Our Statement of Faith
27-Oct-2013 David Davis The Highway in the Desert
20-Oct-2013 Lamar Vest You've Got Mail
13-Oct-2013 William Carrol How Blessings Are Born
06-Oct-2013 Unknown The Surest Way to Beat the Devil
29-Sep-2013 Tim Williams God's Champion of Grace
22-Sep-2013 Ben Crandall When God Laughs
15-Sep-2013 John Bueno Don't Let the Dream Die
08-Sep-2013 Jerry Hampton Legend or Legacy
01-Sep-2013 David ONeill God's GPS
25-Aug-2013 Jerry Hampton When Light Becomes the Aha Moment
18-Aug-2013 Lamar Vest When You Don't Know What to Do
11-Aug-2013 William Carrol Holy Ground
04-Aug-2013 Patrick Pierre Forgiveness
28-Jul-2013 Tim Williams Free to Be Transformed
21-Jul-2013 William Carrol When A Lot is Just Too Little
14-Jul-2013 Jerry Hampton The Promise of Hope
07-Jul-2013 David ONeill Heavenly-Minded, Earthly Good
30-Jun-2013 Teresa Conlon The Life We Want to Live
23-Jun-2013 William Carrol Love is Stronger Than Death
16-Jun-2013 Tim Williams The Marvelous Glory of a Resurrected Life
09-Jun-2013 William Carrol The Mercy Seat
02-Jun-2013 Various Feed New York One Year Anniversary - Session 2
26-May-2013 Mark LeCompte The Joy Of The Lord
19-May-2013 Lamar Vest Caught Being Yourself
12-May-2013 Jerry Hampton You Will See Me In Galilee
05-May-2013 Nik Godshall Because You Love Me
28-Apr-2013 John Bueno The Desire of the Nations
14-Apr-2013 William Carrol When a Message Is Not Enough
07-Apr-2013 William Carrol Sodom Had No Excuse
31-Mar-2013 William Carrol There's More if You're Hungry
17-Mar-2013 Chuck & Helen Todd Being the Difference
10-Mar-2013 Summit International School of Ministry Student Testimonies
17-Feb-2013 William Carrol Why We Keep Coming Back
10-Feb-2013 Paul Carley Jesus, the Restorer of Life
03-Feb-2013 William Carrol A Word to the Wounded
27-Jan-2013 Lamar Vest Who Weeps for the Children?
30-Dec-2012 Teresa Conlon Finding a Place of Strength and Courage
23-Dec-2012 William Carrol Come Home for Christmas - Sunday 3PM
16-Dec-2012 William Carrol The Strength of a Song
02-Dec-2012 William Carrol Face to Face
18-Nov-2012 William Carrol Taste and See
04-Nov-2012 William Carrol Sacrificing Laughter on the Altar of Worship
21-Oct-2012 Ben Crandall Moses Take Your Shoes Off
14-Oct-2012 Guest Speakers Missions Conference 2012 - Session 3

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