Date Speaker Title
26-May-2013 David Ham There's Life In You
07-Jul-2013 David Ham I AM Not Worthy but Just Say the Word
11-Aug-2013 David Ham The Identity Change
01-Sep-2013 David Ham When the Cross Changes the Agenda
06-Oct-2013 David Ham It's Time for New Clothes
20-Oct-2013 David Ham Rest in Jesus
03-Nov-2013 David Ham When the Light Goes On in the Midnight Hour
17-Nov-2013 David Ham When the Soul Cry Gets Loud
08-Dec-2013 David Ham Nobody Can Straighten Us Out Like Jesus
29-Dec-2013 David Ham Everyone's Invited
05-Jan-2014 David Ham The Settlement Plan Is Jesus
19-Jan-2014 David Ham The Bread From Heaven - Hunger No More
23-Feb-2014 David Ham Do You Believe?
16-Mar-2014 David Ham Mercy In A Muddy Situation
30-Mar-2014 David Ham The Father's Will
06-Apr-2014 David Ham No More Barriers
20-Apr-2014 David Ham Who Will Roll Away The Stone?
11-May-2014 David Ham Sunday's Healing
01-Jun-2014 David Ham The View From The Cross
15-Jun-2014 David Ham The Lord Will Provide
22-Jun-2014 David Ham Sermon
06-Jul-2014 David Ham Mercy Says Yes
27-Jul-2014 David Ham Take Courage In Jesus
03-Aug-2014 David Ham Jesus Made A Way
17-Aug-2014 David Ham Real Jesus, Real Story
21-Sep-2014 David Ham Don't Be Disheartened In The Face Of Love
28-Sep-2014 David Ham His Power Is Yours
30-Sep-2014 David Ham Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
19-Oct-2014 David Ham The Writing On The Wood
26-Oct-2014 David Ham No More Hiding
09-Nov-2014 David Ham Sons And Daughters Of Grace
16-Nov-2014 David Ham The Greatest Of All Time
23-Nov-2014 David Ham The Gods Aren't Listening
25-Nov-2014 David Ham Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
28-Dec-2014 David Ham Go Home And Go Tell It
04-Jan-2015 David Ham Joy For The Journey
18-Jan-2015 David Ham All Of Me In My Father's Hands
25-Jan-2015 David Ham Believe
08-Feb-2015 David Ham A Cry From the Cross
15-Feb-2015 David Ham Evangelistic Message
01-Mar-2015 David Ham Jesus, Stop the Noise!
08-Mar-2015 David Ham God's Response to Persecution
22-Mar-2015 David Ham Your Freedom is Free
29-Mar-2015 David Ham The Call to Witness
05-Apr-2015 David Ham The Call to Witness Part 2: The Outpouring
19-Apr-2015 David Ham Jesus Has the Final Word
17-May-2015 David Ham You're Invited to Rest
31-May-2015 David Ham I Can See Clearly Now
14-Jun-2015 David Ham Tears of Faith
28-Jun-2015 David Ham Evangelistic Message

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