Date Speaker Title
14-Jul-2024 Tim Dilena A Warning to the Church That Is Becoming a Den of Thieves
09-Jul-2024 OS Hawkins Keeping Life in Focus
07-Jul-2024 Tim Dilena Fighting Without Shoes
30-Jun-2024 Tim Dilena If I Leave It, I’ll Miss It
25-Jun-2024 Carter Conlon Becoming A Prisoner For The Prisoners
23-Jun-2024 Carter Conlon You Are the Last-Day Plan of God
18-Jun-2024 Claude Houde When the Enemy Knocks at your Door
16-Jun-2024 Tim Dilena Where There Are Hills, There Are Valleys
11-Jun-2024 Tim Dilena What's In Between Ask and Receive
09-Jun-2024 Tim Dilena When Praying Without Ceasing Seems Impossible
04-Jun-2024 R.T. Kendall A Sense of Destiny
02-Jun-2024 Tim Dilena When My Prayers Don’t Seem to Be Getting Through
28-May-2024 Tim Dilena Getting Tired of Doing Good
26-May-2024 Tim Dilena When the Doctor Says You Have Only Months to Live
21-May-2024 Claude Houde Healing From Discouragement
19-May-2024 Tim Dilena When Prayer Turns to a Cry
14-May-2024 Gary Wilkerson Believing What God Says About You
12-May-2024 Teresa Conlon Last Days Power: God Is Seeking for You
07-May-2024 R.T. Kendall Outside the Camp
05-May-2024 Tim Dilena Pleading the Blood of Jesus
04-May-2024 James Brown Break the Huddle and Run the Play
04-May-2024 Tim Dilena A Discussion with James "JB" Brown and Pastor Tim Dilena
30-Apr-2024 Nik Godshall The Resurrection Of Your Body
28-Apr-2024 Carter Conlon Breaking the Spirit of Sodom
23-Apr-2024 Tim Dilena The Great Falling Away in the Church is Here
21-Apr-2024 Tim Dilena Praying Till a Breakthrough Comes
16-Apr-2024 Members Stories Midweek at TSC
14-Apr-2024 Tim Dilena How to Pray Someone Out of Sodom
07-Apr-2024 Carter Conlon It's Time for the Lord to Act
02-Apr-2024 Stan Jouk Samson's Warning
31-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena Check the Rock
29-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena One Word for Three Worlds
26-Mar-2024 Teresa Conlon Hope Has Come
24-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena Bad News, Good News
19-Mar-2024 Cannon J. John Natural Evangelism: Praying, Caring, Sharing
17-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena Demon Prayers and Fever Prayers
12-Mar-2024 Members Stories | TSC Members
10-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena How to Make My Prayer Life a Reality
05-Mar-2024 Teresa Conlon Becoming a Giant In Your Prayer Life
03-Mar-2024 Tim Dilena How to Fight Lies, Slander, and False Accusations
27-Feb-2024 Members Stories | TSC Members
25-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena A Prayer for Your Toughest Moment in Life
20-Feb-2024 Pavel Maftey The Power of Forgiveness
18-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena If You Want God to Listen to Your Prayer Learn These Three Words
13-Feb-2024 R.T. Kendall God's Perfect Timing
11-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena History Belongs to the Intercessors
06-Feb-2024 Peter Tsukahira Spirit and Power of Elijah
04-Feb-2024 Tim Dilena The Good Stuff Happens on the Other Side
30-Jan-2024 Patrick Pierre What Do You Want Me to Do for You?

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