Date Speaker Title
07-Feb-2016 Gary Ham Building Altars That Produce Fire
05-Feb-2016 Hector Vega Who's Got Next?
05-Feb-2016 William Carrol Freedom: The Reason That We Sing - Week 4
02-Feb-2016 Patrick Pierre God Our Father
31-Jan-2016 Nick Cassidy Striking Christ With Unbelief
31-Jan-2016 David Ham Breaking Bad Habits
31-Jan-2016 Victoria Griffin The Saul Company
29-Jan-2016 Tony Ghelan 1970s, Pinky Promise, and Skyscrapers
26-Jan-2016 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
24-Jan-2016 Carter Conlon When Society Begs Jesus To Touch His Church
22-Jan-2016 Patrick Pierre Making A Difference Through Prayer and Action
22-Jan-2016 Derik Griffin Freedom: The Reason That We Sing - Week 3
17-Jan-2016 Carter Conlon Living Between Promise And Power
17-Jan-2016 David ONeill Getting Through The Tough Stuff: Overcoming The Offenses
15-Jan-2016 Adam Field Make Me A Threat To The Enemy
15-Jan-2016 William Carrol Freedom: The Reason That We Sing - Week 2
12-Jan-2016 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
10-Jan-2016 Carter Conlon Finding The Strength We Once Heard Of
10-Jan-2016 William Carrol The Gift of Giving: Seeing Giving As A Gift And Not A Chore
10-Jan-2016 Derik Griffin He Touched Me
08-Jan-2016 Patrick Pierre The Devil Is A Liar, God's Got This
08-Jan-2016 William Carrol Freedom: The Reason That We Sing - Week 1
05-Jan-2016 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
03-Jan-2016 David Ham Jesus Is In The House
03-Jan-2016 Jerry Hampton New In Christ
03-Jan-2016 Carter Conlon 2016 - The Year Of Answered Prayer
29-Dec-2015 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
29-Dec-2015 Teresa Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
27-Dec-2015 David Ham The End is the Beginning
27-Dec-2015 Karla Ochoa Reaching Out To Jesus
27-Dec-2015 William Carrol How to Beat the Holiday Blues
22-Dec-2015 Carter Conlon Jesus Always Gets the Last Word
20-Dec-2015 David ONeill The Church Where Love Is Building
15-Dec-2015 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
13-Dec-2015 Nik Godshall The Fear of God
13-Dec-2015 Teresa Conlon Giving the Gift that Changes Everything
13-Dec-2015 Derik Griffin In Your Right Mind
11-Dec-2015 William Carrol Answer The Call - Week 3
08-Dec-2015 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
06-Dec-2015 Carter Conlon You Are An Incredible Testimony Of Mercy
06-Dec-2015 Tim Williams Discipleship and the Cross
06-Dec-2015 David Ham The Cross Changes the End
04-Dec-2015 Lisa Richardson Seeing In the Dark
01-Dec-2015 Jacqulyn McIntyre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
29-Nov-2015 Carter Conlon Excuse Me, Do You Know What Time It Is?
29-Nov-2015 William Carrol The Greatest Need in the World Today
29-Nov-2015 David Ham If He Said It, Believe It
27-Nov-2015 Patrick Pierre His Saving Power
22-Nov-2015 Carter Conlon Stepping Into The Light
22-Nov-2015 Jerry Hampton We Serve An Extreme God

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