Date Speaker Title
12-Jan-2014 Nik Godshall Are You Spiritual?
10-Jan-2014 Patrick Pierre The New Covenant
10-Jan-2014 William Carrol The Patience of Abraham - Part 3
07-Jan-2014 Tim Williams Prayer That Makes The Invisible Visible
05-Jan-2014 William Carrol How To Pray For Sodom
05-Jan-2014 Patrick Pierre Victory Over the Flesh
05-Jan-2014 David Ham The Settlement Plan Is Jesus
03-Jan-2014 Mark Rogers God Is Good
03-Jan-2014 William Carrol The Patience of Abraham - Part 2
29-Dec-2013 Carter Conlon 2014...A Warning
29-Dec-2013 David Ham Everyone's Invited
29-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Soul of a Soul-Winner
27-Dec-2013 Derik Griffin Watch Your Head
27-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Patience of Abraham - Part 1
17-Dec-2013 William Carrol Giving To God
15-Dec-2013 Teresa Conlon The Triumph of Unexplained Pain
15-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Joy of Evangelism
15-Dec-2013 Carter Conlon An Open Door To Joy
13-Dec-2013 Tim Dilena Turn Your Bible Into A Weapon
10-Dec-2013 David ONeill Great Faith
08-Dec-2013 Carter Conlon Angels and Men Must Meet Again
08-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Makings of a Friend of God
08-Dec-2013 David Ham Nobody Can Straighten Us Out Like Jesus
06-Dec-2013 Patrick Pierre The Making of a Man of God
03-Dec-2013 Tim Dilena Lord, Why Are You Taking So Long?
01-Dec-2013 Carter Conlon Everyone Who Wants To Can Shout "Glory!"
01-Dec-2013 Carter Conlon How Do You Get Free From the Power of Sin?
01-Dec-2013 William Carrol The Battlefield of the Mind
29-Nov-2013 Nik Godshall A Little Something Extra
26-Nov-2013 Tim Williams Prayer That Puts the Head Back On the Handle
24-Nov-2013 Carter Conlon When The Arrow Is Beyond You
24-Nov-2013 William Carrol Victory in Egypt
24-Nov-2013 Carter Conlon From a Cry to a Song
22-Nov-2013 Mark LeCompte A Divine Moment
22-Nov-2013 William Carrol The Covenant Blessing - Part 1
19-Nov-2013 Lamar Vest Lost & Found
17-Nov-2013 William Carrol Don't Be Afraid
17-Nov-2013 David Ham When the Soul Cry Gets Loud
17-Nov-2013 Lamar Vest Fight for the Faith
15-Nov-2013 Patrick Pierre How Do You Cope?
15-Nov-2013 William Carrol The Blessing of Being You - Part 2
10-Nov-2013 Carter Conlon Children of Light In A Fading Society
10-Nov-2013 Carter Conlon Can These Bones Live?
08-Nov-2013 Tim Williams Resting In The Power Of The Cross
08-Nov-2013 William Carrol The Blessing of Being You - Part 1
05-Nov-2013 David ONeill Today Is Election Day
03-Nov-2013 Carter Conlon Is The Report of Your Death True?
03-Nov-2013 Jerry Hampton Our Statement of Faith
03-Nov-2013 David Ham When the Light Goes On in the Midnight Hour
01-Nov-2013 Patrick Pierre Hey You, Yes You

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