Date Speaker Title
12-Oct-2014 Carter Conlon Steak and Snake
12-Oct-2014 Nik Godshall Stay In The Fight
12-Oct-2014 Karla Ochoa Shut The Door And Expect Miracles
10-Oct-2014 David Othompson His Way Is Through The Valley
07-Oct-2014 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
05-Oct-2014 Carter Conlon A New Commandment
05-Oct-2014 Tim Williams She Came When It Was Dark
05-Oct-2014 Victoria Griffin Please Don't Lie To Me
03-Oct-2014 Patrick Pierre The Lord Will Never Forget You
30-Sep-2014 David Ham Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
28-Sep-2014 Teresa Conlon Occupy - The Rewarded Christian Life
28-Sep-2014 Patrick Pierre Ministry Of Encouragement
28-Sep-2014 David Ham His Power Is Yours
26-Sep-2014 Nik Godshall The Root of Surrender
23-Sep-2014 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
21-Sep-2014 Carter Conlon The Promise Of Light In The Time Of Darkness
21-Sep-2014 Jerry Hampton Don't Be Afraid
21-Sep-2014 David Ham Don't Be Disheartened In The Face Of Love
16-Sep-2014 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
14-Sep-2014 Carter Conlon The Call of the Shipmaster
14-Sep-2014 John Bueno The All Inclusive Kingdom
14-Sep-2014 Karla Ochoa Tonight, Jesus Is Passing By
12-Sep-2014 Kayla Beene Why Are You Breathing?
09-Sep-2014 William Carrol Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
07-Sep-2014 Claude Houde Lifting Our Hands In The Valley Of Battle
07-Sep-2014 William Carrol Defying The Odds And Defeating The Giants
07-Sep-2014 Carter Conlon You're About To Have an Earthquake
05-Sep-2014 Claude Houde Why I Have Decided To Follow Him
02-Sep-2014 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
31-Aug-2014 Carter Conlon Just Say Yes, and Worship In Your Mess
31-Aug-2014 William Carrol Why Communion?
31-Aug-2014 Carter Conlon Sermon
29-Aug-2014 William Carrol Spiritual Authority - Part 2
29-Aug-2014 Patrick Pierre Dealing With Offenses In The Heart
26-Aug-2014 William Carrol Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
24-Aug-2014 Carter Conlon Who Gets The Power Of God?
24-Aug-2014 William Carrol I Would Rather Have Jesus
24-Aug-2014 Victoria Griffin The End Was Just The Beginning
22-Aug-2014 David Othompson Courage to Stand in Public Places
22-Aug-2014 William Carrol Spiritual Authority - Part 1
19-Aug-2014 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
17-Aug-2014 Carter Conlon They Bowed Their Heads And Worshipped
17-Aug-2014 David Ham Real Jesus, Real Story
17-Aug-2014 William Carrol When Good People Lose Hope
15-Aug-2014 Steve Barret Abide in Him
15-Aug-2014 William Carrol Spiritual Warfare - Part 6
12-Aug-2014 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
10-Aug-2014 William Carrol A Vision Of Victory
10-Aug-2014 Victoria Griffin Sermon
10-Aug-2014 Karla Ochoa Be Encouraged My Son And My Daughter

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