Date Speaker Title
02-Nov-2012 Patrick Pierre Perfect Peace
28-Oct-2012 Carter Conlon It's Time to Pray
28-Oct-2012 Carter Conlon You Can Have a New Life
26-Oct-2012 Mona Stephen Don't Throw Away Your Confidence
21-Oct-2012 William Carrol The Danger of a Good Sermon
21-Oct-2012 Ben Crandall Moses Take Your Shoes Off
19-Oct-2012 Victoria Griffin The Deception of Sin
14-Oct-2012 David Davis Missions Conference 2012 - Session 2
14-Oct-2012 Guest Speakers Missions Conference 2012 - Session 3
14-Oct-2012 Guest Speakers Missions Conference 2012 - Session 4
09-Oct-2012 Carter Conlon Finding and Keeping the Joy of the Lord
07-Oct-2012 Carter Conlon An Incredible Neglected Treasure
07-Oct-2012 Teresa Conlon The Antidote to Fear
05-Oct-2012 Patrick Pierre God Knows and He Is There
02-Oct-2012 Carter Conlon Have Faith in God
30-Sep-2012 Lamar Vest When The House of God Ceases to be God's House
30-Sep-2012 William Carrol America Needs Jobs
30-Sep-2012 Patrick Pierre God Created Us With Intent
25-Sep-2012 Ben Crandall A Remarkable Prayer
23-Sep-2012 Carter Conlon And the Word of the Lord Came
23-Sep-2012 Patrick Pierre God is Faithful
23-Sep-2012 William Carrol Take Back What the Devil Stole from You
21-Sep-2012 William Carrol The Fall of Pharaoh - Part 2
18-Sep-2012 William Carrol Prayer Service
16-Sep-2012 Carter Conlon Prayer For a Desperate Hour
16-Sep-2012 Carter Conlon It's a Time To Speak
14-Sep-2012 William Carrol The Fall of Pharaoh
14-Sep-2012 Tim Williams The Restoration of the Laodicean Church
11-Sep-2012 Ben Crandall Prayer Service
09-Sep-2012 Carter Conlon Sanctify Yourself: For Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You
09-Sep-2012 Carter Conlon Saved from What?
09-Sep-2012 William Carrol Out of Egypt I Have Called My Son
07-Sep-2012 William Carrol Hasn't God Been Good to You?
07-Sep-2012 David ONeill When Jesus Says It's Time to Wake Up
04-Sep-2012 William Carrol Just Add Water
02-Sep-2012 Patrick Pierre God is Good
02-Sep-2012 William Carrol The Prints of Peace
02-Sep-2012 William Carrol The Lost Son
31-Aug-2012 William Carrol Just Add Water
26-Aug-2012 Carter Conlon Mercy
26-Aug-2012 Carter Conlon Can God Cry?
21-Aug-2012 Ben Crandall Preparing for a Visitation
19-Aug-2012 William Carrol The Right to Sing Salvation's Song
19-Aug-2012 Patrick Pierre It's Done!
17-Aug-2012 William Carrol Passing Through the Red Sea
17-Aug-2012 Patrick Pierre Be Wise the Rest of Your Life
12-Aug-2012 Carter Conlon It is Time for the Lord to Work
12-Aug-2012 Carter Conlon God So Loved the World
12-Aug-2012 William Carrol The Devil Can't Swim
10-Aug-2012 Derik Griffin Fear Not

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