Date Speaker Title
24-Aug-2018 Tyler Sain A Life Of Worship That Impacts The World
19-Aug-2018 Ryan Seaborn Why Don't I Fit In Anymore?
19-Aug-2018 David Ham Give Me The Crumbs
19-Aug-2018 Gary Ham The Mission Of God
14-Aug-2018 Patrick Pierre The Source of Hope
12-Aug-2018 Tim Dilena I Can't Go On One More Day
12-Aug-2018 David Ham You Wanna Fight? Lets Go!
12-Aug-2018 Pavel Maftey It Doesn't Hurt to be Kind
10-Aug-2018 Michelle Tong Testimony
07-Aug-2018 Patrick Pierre Committed To Praise God
05-Aug-2018 Thomas Jones Unpacking The Great Commission
05-Aug-2018 Tim Dilena I'm Hurt, So What Do I Do Now?
05-Aug-2018 David Ham The Invites Went Out
31-Jul-2018 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
29-Jul-2018 David Ham Get Up, Your Story Is Not Over Yet
29-Jul-2018 William Carrol Amazing Grace and the Hope of Healing
29-Jul-2018 Tim Dilena My Fear Is a Revelation
24-Jul-2018 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
22-Jul-2018 Tim Williams Responsibility is the Road to Freedom
22-Jul-2018 Claude Houde Hallowed Be Thy Name
22-Jul-2018 David Ham No Mercy for Demons
17-Jul-2018 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
15-Jul-2018 Patrick Pierre The Ministry Of Encouragement
15-Jul-2018 Pavel Maftey The Power Of Forgiveness
10-Jul-2018 Patrick Pierre This Is Not Our Home
08-Jul-2018 David ONeill Conflict 101 - Part 2
08-Jul-2018 Carter Conlon The Promise Of Power
03-Jul-2018 David Ham Silence The Lions
01-Jul-2018 Gary Ham Standing In The Gap
01-Jul-2018 David Ham God Change My Status
01-Jul-2018 David ONeill Conflict 101
29-Jun-2018 David ONeill Spiritual Gifts
24-Jun-2018 Jerry Hampton The Freedom Of Obedience
24-Jun-2018 David Ham Evangelistic Message
24-Jun-2018 William Carrol How To Pray When You Can't
19-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
17-Jun-2018 Nik Godshall Why God Loves Families
17-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon The Strength In A Father's Heart
17-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon Evangelistic Message
12-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon Pray The Clouds Away
10-Jun-2018 David Ham All Things Work Together
10-Jun-2018 Gary Wilkerson How To Get What You Want
10-Jun-2018 Patrick Pierre Help! I Feel Alone.
08-Jun-2018 Gary Wilkerson Session #5
08-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon Session #6
07-Jun-2018 Tim Dilena Session #4
07-Jun-2018 Teresa Conlon Session #2: You Will Not Be Shaken
07-Jun-2018 Gary Wilkerson Session #3: Strengthening Your Weakest Link
06-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon Session #1: Serpents and Scorpions
05-Jun-2018 Carter Conlon Why Do We Fast When We Pray?

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