Date Speaker Title
27-Mar-2018 David Ham Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
25-Mar-2018 Charlie Duke Charlie and Dorothy Duke's Testimony
25-Mar-2018 Lamar Vest Wells, Wounds, and Water Jars
25-Mar-2018 Pavel Maftey Lord, Teach Us To Pray
23-Mar-2018 Lisa Richardson Vertical
20-Mar-2018 David Ham Prayer Changes Things.
18-Mar-2018 Patrick Pierre Help! I Am Overwhelmed…
18-Mar-2018 Gary Ham Abide In Christ
11-Mar-2018 David Ham The City That Never Sleeps
11-Mar-2018 Carter Conlon When Ice Forms On Your Wings
11-Mar-2018 David Ham Overcoming Adversity
09-Mar-2018 Tyrone McDonald Faith-Fueled Friendships
06-Mar-2018 Carter Conlon Pray Without Ceasing
04-Mar-2018 David Ham No Longer Powerless
04-Mar-2018 Tim Dilena Losing The Book In The House
04-Mar-2018 Nik Godshall Why Marriage?
27-Feb-2018 Patrick Pierre God's Going to Work A Miracle Through You
25-Feb-2018 Pavel Maftey Heart Of A Servant
25-Feb-2018 Carter Conlon The Day That God Condemned The Law
20-Feb-2018 Carter Conlon There Will Be Dancing In Our Homes
18-Feb-2018 Carter Conlon It's Time, Again, To Pray!
18-Feb-2018 Tim Williams Learning To Hear God's Voice
11-Feb-2018 Carter Conlon Do Not Grieve The Holy Spirit
09-Feb-2018 Various Godly Friendships
06-Feb-2018 Patrick Pierre Let Us Hold Firm To What We Believe
04-Feb-2018 Esther Ibanga The Cave-Dwellers Are Coming Out
04-Feb-2018 Carter Conlon The Lord Your God Is With You
03-Feb-2018 Jean Barett Trench Warfare: When Everything Works Against You
03-Feb-2018 Esther Ibanga Gripped By Grace
03-Feb-2018 Esther Ibanga Women in Ministry
03-Feb-2018 Luly McCoy Reaching Millennials
03-Feb-2018 Isabel Hernandez Invisible Woman
30-Jan-2018 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
28-Jan-2018 David Ham Evangelistic Message
28-Jan-2018 Nik Godshall Why Do We Need Church?
28-Jan-2018 Carter Conlon The Power of A Reluctant Witness
26-Jan-2018 Lisa Richardson Unrighteous Friendships
23-Jan-2018 Tim Dilena Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
21-Jan-2018 Carter Conlon Seeing Through The Eyes of God
21-Jan-2018 Ryan Seaborn New Life And Power By the Holy Spirit
21-Jan-2018 David Ham Straighten Up
16-Jan-2018 Carter Conlon Knowing The Plague Of Your Own Heart
14-Jan-2018 Carter Conlon Standing On the Wrong Side of the Message
14-Jan-2018 David Ham What's Your Covering?
14-Jan-2018 Teresa Conlon The Ugly Side of Freedom
12-Jan-2018 Lisa Richardson A Time To Build
09-Jan-2018 Patrick Pierre God's at Work During This Difficult Time
07-Jan-2018 David ONeill What The Community Of Faith Should Look Like
07-Jan-2018 Gary Ham Pursue Goodness
07-Jan-2018 David Ham Get Out

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