Date Speaker Title
20-Aug-2019 Patrick Pierre A Chosen Generation
18-Aug-2019 Daniel Decary What Judas Missed
18-Aug-2019 William Carrol Don't Pass Over The Passover
13-Aug-2019 Patrick Pierre The God Of The Breakthrough
11-Aug-2019 Claude Houde Faith To Heal From Offenses
11-Aug-2019 Nik Godshall Is Love Tolerant?
11-Aug-2019 David Ham You Belong
06-Aug-2019 Patrick Pierre The Fruitful Grain Of Wheat
04-Aug-2019 Ryan Seaborn Finding Purpose In Painful Places
04-Aug-2019 Nick Cassidy Arise And Eat The Journey Is Too Great For Thee
30-Jul-2019 Patrick Pierre The Key To Staying Alive In God
28-Jul-2019 Tim Williams Deepening Your Devotional Life
28-Jul-2019 David Ham I Am The Lord's
28-Jul-2019 Claude Houde Enemies Of Our Faith
26-Jul-2019 Todd Crews Friday Night Message
21-Jul-2019 Gary Ham Restoring The Glory
21-Jul-2019 David Ham Let Go and Live Free
21-Jul-2019 Pavel Maftey A Lifestyle Of Contentment
16-Jul-2019 Patrick Pierre Glorifying God in Difficult Places
14-Jul-2019 Josiah DeRoos Elevated Thinking
14-Jul-2019 David Ham All Stirred Up
14-Jul-2019 David Ham The Gift of Mercy
09-Jul-2019 Patrick Pierre Hope In A Time Of Discouragement
07-Jul-2019 William Carrol The Dawn Of Discipleship
07-Jul-2019 David Ham Ready, Set, Go
07-Jul-2019 Ryan Seaborn Discerning the Good Shepherd's Voice
02-Jul-2019 Patrick Pierre Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
30-Jun-2019 Michael Fratt Where Are You?
30-Jun-2019 Stan Jouk What God Wants
30-Jun-2019 Patrick Pierre You Are God's Masterpiece
28-Jun-2019 Tony Peralta Friday Night Message
25-Jun-2019 Patrick Pierre I Will Breathe New Life Into You
23-Jun-2019 David Ham Stay Strong
23-Jun-2019 Daniel Sayag The Power To Witness
23-Jun-2019 David Ham Set Free And Delivered
18-Jun-2019 Carter Conlon Honest Prayer
16-Jun-2019 Various Real Talk With Fathers
16-Jun-2019 Tim Dilena Checking The Label
16-Jun-2019 Carter Conlon When Fathers Come Home
11-Jun-2019 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith And Prayer
09-Jun-2019 Daniel Decary Finishing Well
09-Jun-2019 David Ham Take Back What's Yours
09-Jun-2019 Tim Dilena How A Really Good Man Ends Really Bad
04-Jun-2019 Patrick Pierre Jesus' Prayer Points
02-Jun-2019 David Ham You're Invited To Feast
02-Jun-2019 Carter Conlon Pray While You Still Can
28-May-2019 Patrick Pierre From The Pit To The Palace
26-May-2019 Ryan Seaborn Growing In Salvation
26-May-2019 Carter Conlon Rebuilding The Wall Of Prayer
26-May-2019 David Ham A Reputation of Faith

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