Date Speaker Title
08-Jun-2017 Nick Cassidy New Covenant Pt. 2
08-Jun-2017 Gary Wilkerson Loving God and Loving People
08-Jun-2017 Nick Cassidy New Covenant Pt. 1
07-Jun-2017 Carter Conlon Restoring Confidence and Renewing Joy
06-Jun-2017 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
04-Jun-2017 William Carrol The Work Of The Spirit In Spiritual Warfare Pt. 2
04-Jun-2017 Claude Houde Psalm 91: A Psalm Of Spiritual Warfare
30-May-2017 David Othompson Are You Ready for A Miracle?
28-May-2017 David Ham Faith In Jesus
28-May-2017 Patrick Pierre Who's in Charge Here?
28-May-2017 Nik Godshall How to Stay Standing
26-May-2017 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
23-May-2017 Patrick Pierre Jesus Calms the Storm
21-May-2017 David Ham Let Go, Let Jesus
21-May-2017 William Carrol The Work of The Spirit in Spiritual Warfare
21-May-2017 Carter Conlon A Last Day Return to Power
14-May-2017 Teresa Conlon The Power Of A Mother's Comfort
14-May-2017 Eric Metaxas God Knows the Secret Vocabulary of Your Heart
12-May-2017 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
09-May-2017 Carter Conlon Learning To Sing at Midnight
07-May-2017 William Carrol When God Won't Let You Quit
07-May-2017 Tim Dilena Bad Math
07-May-2017 David Ham A New Song
02-May-2017 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
30-Apr-2017 David ONeill Who Does God Say That You Are?
30-Apr-2017 Carter Conlon In the Day of God's Power
28-Apr-2017 Tim Dilena Check The Label
23-Apr-2017 Carter Conlon I Will Not Die, But Live
23-Apr-2017 Patrick Pierre Kick The Devil Out Of Your House
23-Apr-2017 David Ham The Power Of The Blood
16-Apr-2017 David Ham Do You See Jesus?
16-Apr-2017 Carter Conlon The True Witness
16-Apr-2017 Jerry Hampton A New Value System
14-Apr-2017 Tony Ghelan A Prayer for Freedom
09-Apr-2017 David Ham Everyone Gets To Shout!
09-Apr-2017 William Carrol Times Of Refreshing
09-Apr-2017 Carter Conlon Anoint Our Eyes Again
04-Apr-2017 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
02-Apr-2017 Carter Conlon I Will Call Upon God
02-Apr-2017 John Bailey Faith In Times Of Uncertainty
28-Mar-2017 Carter Conlon A Prayer That Changed History
26-Mar-2017 David Ham It's Possible With God
26-Mar-2017 Tim Dilena Where Are The Magic Bricks?
26-Mar-2017 Teresa Conlon Great Faith - How Do I Get It?
24-Mar-2017 Patrick Pierre Perfect Cleansing
21-Mar-2017 David ONeill Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
19-Mar-2017 Carter Conlon Old Men Shall Dream Dreams
19-Mar-2017 Eric Metaxas I Will Never Die
14-Mar-2017 Carter Conlon Thoughts On Faith and Prayer
12-Mar-2017 Carter Conlon Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

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