Date Speaker Title
14-Apr-2009 Ben Crandall God's Incredible Offer
12-Apr-2009 Carter Conlon Finding Life Beyond the Grave
10-Apr-2009 William Carrol How to See God: Jehovah Jireh
10-Apr-2009 Tyrone McDonald Remember Me
07-Apr-2009 William Carrol Baptism of Fire
05-Apr-2009 Carter Conlon Surviving the Family Reunion
05-Apr-2009 Teresa Conlon How Rich Will You Be When You Die?
05-Apr-2009 Neil Rhodes A Journey to Joy
03-Apr-2009 Neil Rhodes Choosing to Stand with God
29-Mar-2009 Carter Conlon For God so Loved the World
29-Mar-2009 William Carrol What Does God Look Like?
27-Mar-2009 William Carrol The Breastplate of Righteousness
24-Mar-2009 Ben Crandall God Loves You
22-Mar-2009 Carter Conlon The Power to do Good is in Your Hand
22-Mar-2009 Neil Rhodes The God of the Second Chance
22-Mar-2009 Teresa Conlon Radiant Ministry: Newcastle (March 2009) - Session 3
21-Mar-2009 Teresa Conlon Radiant Ministry: Newcastle (March 2009) - Session 1
21-Mar-2009 Teresa Conlon Radiant Ministry: Newcastle (March 2009) - Session 2
20-Mar-2009 William Carrol Praying in the Spirit
20-Mar-2009 Patrick Pierre Commissioned with Power
15-Mar-2009 Carter Conlon Jesus, Speak Clearly to Me
15-Mar-2009 Teresa Conlon The Testimony of an Undefeated Man
13-Mar-2009 William Carrol The Helmet of Salvation
13-Mar-2009 Lisa Camme Stripping Satan from the Weapon of Rejection
08-Mar-2009 Carter Conlon Seeing Christ at the Hour of His Return
08-Mar-2009 William Carrol Embracing the Cross
08-Mar-2009 Neil Rhodes A Time of Harvest
06-Mar-2009 William Carrol The Gospel of Peace as a Weapon of War
06-Mar-2009 Patrick Pierre Called and Commissioned
03-Mar-2009 William Carrol What if I Fail in the Time of Trial?
01-Mar-2009 Carter Conlon The Table and the Cross
01-Mar-2009 Neil Rhodes A Word From God
27-Feb-2009 William Carrol Fighting Fire With Fire
27-Feb-2009 Nick Cassidy What Are You About?
24-Feb-2009 Ben Crandall God's Awesome Law of Multiplication
22-Feb-2009 Carter Conlon When Jacob Sees His Children
22-Feb-2009 Ben Crandall Winning After You Have Lost
20-Feb-2009 William Carrol The Sword of the Spirit
20-Feb-2009 Douglas Calvano The Last Instructions
15-Feb-2009 Carter Conlon The Sudden Appearing of Christ
15-Feb-2009 Teresa Conlon The Lord Will Visit This House
15-Feb-2009 William Carrol The Call of the Cross
13-Feb-2009 William Carrol The Shield of Faith
10-Feb-2009 Teresa Conlon Mercy is for the Believer
08-Feb-2009 Carter Conlon The Mercy of God
08-Feb-2009 William Carrol Mercy Begins in the House of God
08-Feb-2009 Neil Rhodes There is Hope and Mercy for You
06-Feb-2009 Patrick Pierre Set Apart
06-Feb-2009 William Carrol The Invisible War
01-Feb-2009 Carter Conlon The Wise Man's Eyes

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