Date Speaker Title
18-Nov-2016 Chris Robichaud The Handwriting of Jesus
11-Nov-2016 Tyrone McDonald Wait For It
04-Nov-2016 Patrick Pierre Why Am I Going Through This?
21-Oct-2016 Patrick Pierre Relentless Faith
14-Oct-2016 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
07-Oct-2016 Tim Dilena Don't Sign The Check Too Quick
30-Sep-2016 Tony Ghelan Friday Night Message
23-Sep-2016 Gregory Thomas Friday Night Message
09-Sep-2016 Adam Durso Who Is Your God?
26-Aug-2016 Tim Dilena Jonah Has Too Many Chapters
19-Aug-2016 Patrick Pierre What Are You Wearing?
14-Aug-2016 Sophie Lamb Jesus Knows You By Name
05-Aug-2016 Nick Cassidy Outside Looking In
29-Jul-2016 Mona Stephen Lost In the Father's House
22-Jul-2016 Kerlin Calderon Vertical Before Horizontal
24-Jun-2016 Thomas Jones Pray
17-Jun-2016 Victoria Griffin A Dependent Life
10-Jun-2016 Andrew Wieber #Movement
03-Jun-2016 Tony Peralta Live At His Feet, Passionately Love Him & Worship Him
27-May-2016 Patrick Pierre Honor God and Benefit Others
20-May-2016 Lisa Richardson Holy and Whole
13-May-2016 David Ham The Art Of Service
06-May-2016 Tyler Sain Let's Go And Share Jesus
29-Apr-2016 Tyler Sain The Heart & Motivation for Sharing Jesus
22-Apr-2016 Tyrone McDonald It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
15-Apr-2016 Patrick Pierre This Is War, So No Slacking
08-Apr-2016 Gregory Thomas Worship
01-Apr-2016 Patrick Pierre Do You Want Authority?
25-Mar-2016 William Carrol Faith in What: Christianity
18-Mar-2016 Ilya Wilson Faith in What: Jehovah's Witnesses & Latter Day Saints (Mormonism)
11-Mar-2016 Lisa McLaughlin Faith in What: Judaism & Catholicism
04-Mar-2016 Ilya Wilson Faith in What: Islam
26-Feb-2016 David Espinosa Faith in What: Buddhism
19-Feb-2016 David Espinosa Faith in What: Hinduism
12-Feb-2016 Rosa Pierre The Refining Process
05-Feb-2016 Hector Vega Who's Got Next?
29-Jan-2016 Tony Ghelan 1970s, Pinky Promise, and Skyscrapers
22-Jan-2016 Patrick Pierre Making A Difference Through Prayer and Action
15-Jan-2016 Adam Field Make Me A Threat To The Enemy
08-Jan-2016 Patrick Pierre The Devil Is A Liar, God's Got This
04-Dec-2015 Lisa Richardson Seeing In the Dark
27-Nov-2015 Patrick Pierre His Saving Power
20-Nov-2015 Chris Robichaud Aiming Higher
13-Nov-2015 Nik Godshall Keep Going Back for More
06-Nov-2015 Patrick Pierre Friday Night Message
30-Oct-2015 Karla Ochoa Just Say The Word
23-Oct-2015 Tony Ghelan Defined
16-Oct-2015 Patrick Pierre Overcoming Discouragement and Despair
09-Oct-2015 Tyrone McDonald Lost Sons, Come Home
02-Oct-2015 Tim Dilena Help Me, I'm Drowning

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