Date Speaker Title
25-Sep-2015 Andrea Williams Perception Makes All the Difference
18-Sep-2015 Patrick Pierre Called by God
11-Sep-2015 David Ham Hear Me Out
04-Sep-2015 Patrick Pierre Laying Hold Of What Is Yours
28-Aug-2015 Rafael Ruppert God Is Determined To Make Your Life Count For His Glory
21-Aug-2015 Lisa Richardson Be Not Deceived
14-Aug-2015 Victoria Griffin True Ministry
07-Aug-2015 Patrick Pierre Make Most Out of Every Opportunity
31-Jul-2015 Tony Ghelan Renewed Strength
24-Jul-2015 Nick Cassidy Don't Get Talked Out of a Good Fight
17-Jul-2015 Patrick Pierre My Help Comes From The Lord
03-Jul-2015 Patrick Pierre From the Natural to the Supernatural
26-Jun-2015 Kerlin Calderon The Power of Restoration
19-Jun-2015 William Carrol An Overwhelming Sense of Purpose
05-Jun-2015 Tyrone McDonald Don't Ask Charlie, Ask God
29-May-2015 Fernando Cabrera What's Your Problem?
22-May-2015 Andrew Wieber Walking In God's Will
08-May-2015 Tony Ghelan You're In Good Hands
01-May-2015 Patrick Pierre We Encourage You To Do So Even More
24-Apr-2015 David Othompson We Are All Called to Stand on the Promises of God
17-Apr-2015 Patrick Pierre A Calling on Your Life
10-Apr-2015 Nik Godshall All In and Unashamed
03-Apr-2015 Patrick Pierre The Person of Jesus
27-Mar-2015 Tyrone McDonald Take Somebody by the Hand
22-Mar-2015 Nick Cassidy Deliver Us From Torment - A Teaching on The New Covenant
20-Mar-2015 Nick Cassidy Seek Me and Live
13-Mar-2015 Patrick Pierre Vision for SYP
27-Feb-2015 Tony Ghelan The Love of a Lawyer
20-Feb-2015 Patrick Pierre The Righteousness of God Revealed
13-Feb-2015 Derik Griffin To Be Certain
06-Feb-2015 Patrick Pierre Don't Drift
30-Jan-2015 John Ash Knowing God Changes Everything
23-Jan-2015 Patrick Pierre No Dark Corners
16-Jan-2015 Nicole Sinclair Loving The Word of God
09-Jan-2015 Patrick Pierre You Will Revive Me
02-Jan-2015 Thomas Jones Time
12-Dec-2014 Patrick Pierre Arm Yourself For The Lord's Battle
05-Dec-2014 Tony Ghelan People and Jesus
28-Nov-2014 David Othompson A Few More Reasons To Give Thanks
21-Nov-2014 Tim Dilena Third Level Communication
14-Nov-2014 Lisa Richardson Breaking Free
31-Oct-2014 Tony Ghelan An Invitation to Draw Near
10-Oct-2014 David Othompson His Way Is Through The Valley
03-Oct-2014 Patrick Pierre The Lord Will Never Forget You
26-Sep-2014 Nik Godshall The Root of Surrender
12-Sep-2014 Kayla Beene Why Are You Breathing?
05-Sep-2014 Claude Houde Why I Have Decided To Follow Him
29-Aug-2014 Patrick Pierre Dealing With Offenses In The Heart
22-Aug-2014 David Othompson Courage to Stand in Public Places
15-Aug-2014 Steve Barret Abide in Him

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