Date Speaker Title
09-Sep-2011 Patrick Pierre God's Plan Resulting in the Believer's Salvation - Part II
02-Sep-2011 Patrick Pierre God's Plan Resulting in the Believer's Salvation
26-Aug-2011 Unknown Devotion or Doctrine?
19-Aug-2011 Derik Griffin Once in a Lifetime
12-Aug-2011 Lisa Camme The Power Of a Vine Branch Intimacy
05-Aug-2011 Chris Robichaud Waiting for God Part II: The Perfecter
29-Jul-2011 Chris Robichaud Waiting For God
22-Jul-2011 Thomas Jones Enemies
15-Jul-2011 Patrick Pierre The Throne of Grace
08-Jul-2011 Patrick Pierre Labels
01-Jul-2011 Patrick Pierre My Grace is All That You Need
17-Jun-2011 Patrick Pierre Springtime
03-Jun-2011 Adam Durso Glory, Honor and Power
27-May-2011 Patrick Pierre You Don't Have to Be Superman
20-May-2011 Mark Rogers A Broken Heart
13-May-2011 Patrick Pierre A Tribute to David Wilkerson
29-Apr-2011 Carter Conlon God is Calling You in Your Weakness
08-Apr-2011 Tyrone McDonald Tyrone McDonalds
01-Apr-2011 Patrick Pierre Walking With the Holy Spirit
25-Mar-2011 Patrick Pierre God Is Going To See You Through
18-Mar-2011 William Carrol Make It Count
11-Mar-2011 Fernando Cabrera The Anointing
04-Mar-2011 Patrick Pierre A Faith That Inspires
25-Feb-2011 Tim Dilena The Biography Of The Almighty
18-Feb-2011 Patrick Pierre The Power to Stand
11-Feb-2011 Lisa Camme Friend Me, Friend Through Me
04-Feb-2011 Patrick Pierre Godly Versus Ungodly Friendships
28-Jan-2011 Lisa Camme No Greater Friend
14-Jan-2011 Derik Griffin Heart Troubled
07-Jan-2011 Patrick Pierre Are You Messed Up?
03-Dec-2010 Patrick Pierre The Witness of the Holy Spirit
19-Nov-2010 Patrick Pierre Good News
05-Nov-2010 Chris Robichaud How to Love Him More
29-Oct-2010 Patrick Pierre The Lord Remembers
22-Oct-2010 Derik Griffin High Places
15-Oct-2010 Patrick Pierre The Holy Spirit
08-Oct-2010 Thomas Jones Triumph
01-Oct-2010 Lisa Camme Unplug, Disconnect, Detox
24-Sep-2010 Fernando Cabrera You're Not Inferior
17-Sep-2010 Patrick Pierre Inheriting God's Promise - Part 1
17-Sep-2010 Patrick Pierre Inheriting God's Promise - Part 2
10-Sep-2010 Adam Durso Tear Down to Build Up
03-Sep-2010 Patrick Pierre Seizing Opportunities Provided by God
27-Aug-2010 Tim Dilena Finding the Incredible People of God - Part 2
27-Aug-2010 Tim Dilena Finding the Incredible People of God - Part 1
20-Aug-2010 Patrick Pierre We Must Also Testify About Jesus
13-Aug-2010 Lisa Camme Lose Everything, but Don't Lose Jesus
06-Aug-2010 Daniel Joo How to Reach God's Mark
30-Jul-2010 Chris Robichaud On the Road to Damascus
23-Jul-2010 Claude Houde The Spirit of a New Generation

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