Date Speaker Title
08-Mar-2013 Tim Dilena How a Bartender Becomes a Hero
01-Mar-2013 Patrick Pierre The Call to Separation and the Intimacy It Yields
11-Jan-2013 David ONeill I Hear You Knocking…But You Can't Come In
04-Jan-2013 Patrick Pierre God is Holy
28-Dec-2012 Thomas Jones Believe
14-Dec-2012 Patrick Pierre A Guaranteed Way to be in the Inner Circle of God
30-Nov-2012 Tyrone McDonald Do You Want to Get Well?
23-Nov-2012 Lisa Richardson Storms, Shipwrecks, and a Sovereign Saviour
16-Nov-2012 Patrick Pierre Fully Committed
09-Nov-2012 Derik Griffin Now Is the Time
02-Nov-2012 Patrick Pierre Perfect Peace
26-Oct-2012 Mona Stephen Don't Throw Away Your Confidence
19-Oct-2012 Victoria Griffin The Deception of Sin
05-Oct-2012 Patrick Pierre God Knows and He Is There
14-Sep-2012 Tim Williams The Restoration of the Laodicean Church
07-Sep-2012 David ONeill When Jesus Says It's Time to Wake Up
24-Aug-2012 Lousvette Munoz A New Life
17-Aug-2012 Patrick Pierre Be Wise the Rest of Your Life
10-Aug-2012 Derik Griffin Fear Not
03-Aug-2012 Patrick Pierre God is Good
27-Jul-2012 Deshawn Burton What Do You Believe?
20-Jul-2012 Claude Houde The Power To Become
29-Jun-2012 Nik Godshall Is Joy for Real?
22-Jun-2012 Patrick Pierre Worship and Its Significance
08-Jun-2012 Tim Dilena What's a Real Christian?
18-May-2012 Mona Stephen Open Doors
11-May-2012 Tyrone McDonald The Good, the Bad and Ugly
04-May-2012 Patrick Pierre Overcoming Unbelief
27-Apr-2012 Adam Durso All In
20-Apr-2012 Patrick Pierre The Lord is Peace
30-Mar-2012 Fernando Cabrera Is Your Worship More than a Song?
23-Mar-2012 Carter Conlon Relationships
16-Mar-2012 Patrick Pierre Going Public
09-Mar-2012 Tim Dilena He is the King and He Can Do Whatever He Wants to Do
24-Feb-2012 Daniel Joo A Second Chance
17-Feb-2012 Patrick Pierre For the Glory of God and the Souls of Men
10-Feb-2012 Unknown Manipulation, Power and Control
03-Feb-2012 Patrick Pierre God is Not Afraid of Your Questions
27-Jan-2012 Lisa Camme When God is About to Whisper
20-Jan-2012 Patrick Pierre Going Forward
13-Jan-2012 Thomas Jones Freedom
16-Dec-2011 Patrick Pierre When the Impossible Becomes Possible
02-Dec-2011 Patrick Pierre Whole Armor of God
11-Nov-2011 Patrick Pierre The Right Thing
28-Oct-2011 Patrick Pierre God Who Makes House Calls
14-Oct-2011 Derik Griffin The Power of Faith
07-Oct-2011 Patrick Pierre Living as a Christian in the World Part II
30-Sep-2011 Fernando Cabrera Sabotage
23-Sep-2011 Patrick Pierre Living The Christian Life in The World
16-Sep-2011 Juha Anturri Seeing Through Faith

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